Selection Status

Selection Status

This page will provide a regular status of Summer Training Courses Applications Received and Selections(Offers). We will be updated on a regular basis throughout the Summer Training Season. 

2022 Spreadsheet will be posted shortly

Explanation of the Report: 

The report will show if you have been selected, the status of your answer and the course location/dates.

Report Status :

  1. Selected: You have been selected for a Summer Course
  2. Canceled: Cancelled by Detachment or our Summer Training Officer (See them for details).
  3. Refused: Cadet doesn’t Qualify for this course
  4. Stand-By: Cadet is on a shortlist in case of openings for this course
  5. Submitted: Application for this course is registered in the cadet system.

Cadet Answer to an Offer:

  1. AN ANSWER HAS BEEN RECEIVED to your course selection:  (Shows Answer Sent in Status Column)
    1. Yes =  accepted the course offer
    2. No = Declined the course offer
  2. NO ANSWER has been received  (Shows Offer Received in Status Column)
    1. Offer Given to Cadet but Not Returned Back – it MUST be returned it to Major Brosseau by TBD Date 2022
    2. Selected but Haven’t Received an Offer Yet – please contact Major Brosseau.

If you have not received an offer yet – please be patient, as we receive new offers we will contact you.

Our Summer Training Staff Contacts are : 

  • Major Brosseau  –
  • CI Eric Espe –
  • or send an email to if you have any questions on your Summer Training Applications.

A reminder selections for all courses are based on a priority list created from the Achievement Points program and Officer/Civilian Instructor input. There is NO GUARANTEE a cadet will be selected for a Summer Training Course.