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This is an unofficial Squadron website that is intended to provide to the public, information about the activities, programs and history of 151 Chadburn Squadron. It is not intended in any way to represent official comments, or opinions of the Department of National Defence, the Air Cadet League of Canada or the Rotary Club of Oshawa. These pages are not provided by, endorsed by, sponsored by or approved by the Department of National Defence or the Air Cadet League of Canada. This is not a Canadian Forces web site.

Links to external sites are provided for completeness. Links on the site were active at the time of writing and content at external sites is not necessarily endorsed by 151 Squadron. All material including crests, logos and photographs provided herein are copy write  and they are provided for information only and may not be copied, reproduced or used for any purposes not directly connected to the activities of 151 Squadron its cadets, staff and alumni.

Privacy Policy

This site does not solicit or collect personal information about its cadets or others through this site. The site sole purpose is to provide the public with timely information about the history, programs and activities of 151 Squadron.  It is the squadron’s policy to respect the privacy of individuals who visit this site as well as individuals who may appear in photos within the site. To protect the privacy of cadets it is standard practice not link a cadet’s name with his or her photo. We will where appropriate list the names but not photographs of cadets who have won awards or other cadets who have played a role in the Squadron’s history.

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