Departure Date/Times/Location

Departure Date/Times/Location

This page contains the following information:

  1. Departure – Date/Time/Bus# for your summer training course
  2. Return -Date/Time and Location for cadets travelling back by bus.
  3. Location – of Departure/Return Location

Departure/Return Dates and Times.

This will be posted in Late May or early June of this year…..

If you are picking your Son/Daughter up from their Summer training course after graduation, please remember that it can take 1-2 hours to complete the sign out process, so please be patient.

If your Son/Daughter is returning by Bus, the return times noted are approximates, traffic conditions can cause delays returning to the Landmark Plaza, please be patient.

Departure/Return Location

All departures to and return from any Summer Training Centre is to the Landmark Theatre Plaza, 75 Consumers Road, Whitby.  The bus will pull into the parking lots beside Chuck E Cheese.

Here is a map of the location.