Cadet Hair


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  1. Hair shall not prevent the proper wear of a military headdress or protective equipment. Hair must be worn so that without a headdress the cadet’s face is visible. Full or partial shaving of hair on the head is permitted. Colouring of hair is permitted. The wearing of wigs, dreadlocks, or hair extensions is permitted. Long hair is permitted but must be secured accordingly when extending below the top / ridge of the shoulder in such a manner to prevent hair from covering the face. Acceptable accessories to secure hair include, but are not limited to, clips, barrettes, bobby pins, fabric elastics, elastic bands, and hair nets.
  2. In cases where safety may be compromised, or where a hairstyle that is associated with a cultural, religious, or spiritual belief that does not align with this policy, cadets are to refer to DAOD 5516-3, Religious or Spiritual Accommodation and Section 3 of the official documentation.
  3. Facial Hair. All styles of facial hair and sideburns are authorized. Facial hair may be braided / ponytail style and coloured. Accessories to secure facial hair include but are not limited to: barrettes, bobby pins, fabric elastics, elastic bands, and hair nets.

Specific guidance for ceremonial occasions

  1. Ceremonial order of dress (C1) shall only be ordered for specific occasions (CO’s parade, Formal parades, ACRs, etc.) C1 shall not be the standard training dress at a corps/squadron. The following amplification is provided for all cadets when in C1 order of dress:
    1. footwear will be worn as per environment / regiments / branches and corps / squadron dress instructions;
    2. over garment will be worn as per environments / regiments / branches and corps / squadron dress instructions. Medals are not to be worn on over garment (parka, gabardine, windbreaker);
    3. hair that extends below the tunic jacket collar shall be secured in one of the following styles:
      1. in a bun;
      2. a single braid;
      3. double braids centred to the back;
      4. multi braids or locks, be pulled back to the centre of the back or equally positioned along the shoulder blades and secured; or
      5. when hairstyle or hair type does not allow a cadet to adopt one of the aforementioned hairstyles, the cadet must discuss with the Chain of Command to find a hairstyle that can be secured accordingly.

Personal appearance

Figure 2-2-1 – Personal Appearance
beardbeard from profile
moustachefacial hair
Figure 2-2-2 – Personal Appearance
short hair from profileponytail from profile
collar length hair from profilebun from profile
Figure 2-2-3 – Personal Appearance (hair styles)
ponytailponytail from profile
single braidsingle braid from profile
double braidsdouble braids from profile
multi-braids (bun)multi-braids (bun) from profile
multi-braids (ponytail)multi-braids (ponytail) from profile