Uniform Care

Weekly Uniform Care

During your time as a cadet, you will be issued a uniform. It is loaned to you and belongs to the Department of National Defense, and following your time with the Squadron, you must return your uniform. As such, you are expected to take good care of your uniform and take pride when wearing it. When in uniform, you represent not only yourself but also 151 Squadron, the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and the Cadet Program as a whole, so it is imperative to have a great looking uniform and maintain exceptional deportment. If you need help with the maintenance of your uniform, consult the senior cadets in your flight.


Your pants, dress shirt, and tunic must all be kept clean and wrinkle-free. When ironing, use the right temperature for the clothing item (cotton for a dress shirt, wool for pants, wool for tunic), ample steam and a pressing cloth.
Dress shirt: front and back kept wrinkle-free, and a sharp crease down the centre of each sleeve.
Pants: wrinkle free with a sharp crease down the front and back of each pant leg.
Tunic: wrinkle free with no creases.


Cadet trousers are worn with a single crease running down the centre of the front and back of each leg. Trousers must be hemmed such that the length extends to the 3rd eyelet of the ankle boot. Remember that you will be growing while in cadets; once the trousers start to rise past the fourth eyelet, it is time to see the Supply Officer!

CLICK HERE  for an illustrated guide.

Below is a good video guide for pressing your trousers.

Polishing your Boots:

  1. Take your Kiwi polish and take the lid off.
  2. Fill the lid with room temperature water.
  3. Take your Kiwi cloth and wind part of it around your index finger.
  4. Apply a generous coat of polish to your boot, applying it in a circular pattern.
  5. Leave your boots overnight.
  6. Dab you Kiwi cloth-covered finger into the water.
  7. Dab the same finger into the polish but don’t put too much polish on. A tiny amount will do.
  8. Go over your boots in the same circular pattern and work them until there are no water droplets left on your boot.

Note: The best polish for your boots is just regular black Kiwi polish. Don’t use Kiwi Parade Gloss or the Express sponge, just keep it plain and simple.

 CLICK HERE  for a more detailed explanation on how to polish your cadet boots.


A better way to learn uniform maintenance may be to see it visually. For a video tutorial showing you every aspect of the maintenance of your uniform, check out this fantastic video made by cadets from 395 Squadron, in Edmonton: