The Dispatch, Issue # 9, Week of Nov. 6, 2011

The Dispatch, Issue # 9, Week of Nov. 6, 2011

Dispatch Issue # 9

 Week of Nov 6, 2011

The Annual General Meeting


The Ontario Provincial Committee

The Air Cadet League of Canada

We have now been publishing this email each week during the cadet year for over 10 years and this week above all others stands out as one the most rewarding and memorable issue that  we have ever put together.

This past weekend the Squadron attended the Annual General Meeting of the Air Cadet League at the Delta Meadowvale Conference Centre in Mississauga and as you can see in the photos that follow it became a very exciting day for our Squadron.


The Squadron was presented with the Air Transport Trophy as the number two Air Cadet Squadrons in the Province of Ontario. There are currently 112 air cadet units in the Province of Ontario.

The second trophy is the J. B. Smith award which was presented to our sponsor the Rotary Club of Oshawa as the top sponsor in this area of the Province.








Additional surprising news followed as LCol Gilbank was presented first with a pin to mark  55 years as a volunteer in the Canadian Air Cadet program. This was followed  by the presentation of a National  Certificate of Recognition by the National President of the Air Cadet League of Canada Brig. Gen. Rob Robert and David Hayden.

The second photo shows one of our cadets receiving an award as the top cadet on the League’s Aircraft Maintenance Course that was held this past summer at Canadore College in North Bay. The Award was presented by Senator and Honourary Col. Pamela Wallin.

The Squadron was also presented with the The Dillon Trophy for the highest value of lottery tickets sold. In fact the Squadron sold $9,500 more tickets than any other squadron in the province. The credit for this remarkable achievement goes to Mrs. Tania Lysyk and Ms. Annette Amodeo.

All of the Squadron’s cadets and staff should be justifiably proud of the Squadron’s accomplishments. Without the dedication, spirit and drive of the cadets, the staff and the sponsors this remarkable day would not have been possible.

Squadron Display at the AGM

The display above is a photo of the display that our Squadron set up outside the main conference room. It is actually our unit’s annual inspection display and covered some nine tables.  It displayed all of the activities and programs that go on at our Squadron during the cadet year. It was the only such display at the AGM and we have been invited to set it up again at the upcoming national convention of the Air Cadet League of Canada which will be held next June in Burlington Ontario. If readers would like to view this display it can be found on the Squadron web site at: us/ Web Links/Presentation of Squadron Activities and Programs


The Official Newsletter of the Ontario Provincial Committee

The Air Cadet League of Canada

Another pleasant surprise awaited us at the AGM when we opened the new newsletter of the Ontario Provincial Committee and found the centre fold was devoted to two full pages about the parade that we held at the airport to honour the memory of W/C Lloyd Chadburn. This was an emotional day for all of us and we are honoured that the League chose to reprint our Dispatch article.

70th Anniversary

Few have noticed or remembered that this is the 70th anniversary of our Squadron’s formation. 1942 saw not only the formation of this Squadron but eight others as well.

They are: 79 Niagara, 80 Kitchener,87 Welland, 121 Guelph, 126 Niagara Falls, 128 Thorold, 142 Mimico and 155 Saulte Ste. Marie.

Tri Service Cadet Dance Lviv Ukrainian Hall

We are starting to get ready for the annual Tri Service Dance which is coming on December 2.

Tickets at $20 each will be on sale starting this Monday.

Make sure you pick up your ticket.

2012 Summer Training (Camp) Applications


Applications may be handed into Mrs. Thissen at the attendance desk at the school or to 2LT Brosseau if you are a recruit.  Mrs. Di Loreto will be at the school and hall this Monday night if you have any questions.

If you have not handed in an application and don’t have the form, it can be found on the Chadburn website under this link.  The website also contains information on course description’s and criteria.

If you have completed an application, you will find this on the Chadburn website under this link. If you don’t see your application or if it doesn’t show the right camp selections, please send a note to with the corrections. Please ensure the e-mail lists your name(last and first), rank and the corrections required.

Any general questions may be forwarded to or asking one of the summer training coordinators.

Our goal is to see more cadets apply this year so make sure you get your application in on time.


Your Summer Training Coordinators

CV Don Biffin    CV Heather Di Loreto


Weekend Training Ganaraska Forest Centre

Our annual trip to the Ganaraska Forest Centre was a little later this year and as per usual it did manage to rain on Saturday in fact it apparently it was the hardened variety, hail. As you can see it was a good turn out with all the usual long and enriched stories to tell about the weekends struggles and accomplishments.

Aviation Photo of The Week

Germany builds the world’s largest model airport

It took a grand total of six years to build but an incredible new miniature model, called Knuffingen Airport, based on Hamburg’s airport, has finally been opened to the public. It’s on display at Miniatur Wunderland, in Hamburg, and features 40 aircraft that take off and land and 90 vehicles that trundle around the runways automatically. It cost 3.5million Euros


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