The Dispatch, Issue # 6, Week of October 16, 2011

The Dispatch, Issue # 6, Week of October 16, 2011



Dispatch Issue # 6

Week of Oct 16, 2011





Once again, we will be holding a fund-raising golf tournament to help with the cost of maintaining our aging building.  After the successful Trillium Grant application and subsequent improvements to the hall, we are on the base leg getting ready to turn final on our project.  Instead of using money that the cadets have raised through tagging, we will raise funds specifically for this purpose.

The golf tournament will be held on June 2nd 2012.  It will take place at the Oshawa Airport Golf Club.  There will be a full BBQ steak dinner at the 420 Wing following the tournament.


The format for the tournament will be best ball, shotgun start.   There will be some hole specific competitions such as closest to the pin, and longest drive, there will also be a hole in one competition and although we don’t have the prize for that selected yet, in past it has been a car one year and $10,000 another.  Something different this year is that cadets will be allowed to participate, as long as they are golfing in the same foursome as at least one parent.

The cost of the tournament is $100 per person; this includes the round of golf, dinner, and a chance at one of many great prizes.  Golf Cart Rental is not included and will have to be coordinated with the golf course. Tickets have not been produced yet, but will be available before Christmas.  We will keep you informed.

If any parents know of potential sponsors for either direct hole sponsorship or prize donations, please let Capt Bliss know at


Duxford England

In late August 2012, the squadron will be venturing overseas to England for the second time.  This is the reciprocal visit to our recent guests from Wells and the Somerset Wing. Although details are not yet confirmed it might also involve a side trip to France to visit many historically significant locations.

It is very difficult to have a firm cost this early in the planning stages, but we wanted to get the word out so parents can start planning.  As it stands now, we are looking approximately $2500.00 per person; this is before we do any major fund-raising for the trip.  We will hopefully be able to lower this price as time goes on, but there is no guarantee.  As with all of our trips, when compared to school trips of the same duration, we are much less expensive.  Our hosts are already in planning mode for our visit and are doing their best to find us the lowest rates on food, lodging and attractions.


The current plan is to take between 20 and 24 cadets.  The selection process for this trip will be based on different criteria, including but not limited to the following; achievements, fund raising attendance and performance, personal narrative and observed behavior at the squadron.  The ability to pay for the trip will obviously be a factor as well.  Unfortunately we will not be in a position to subsidize individual cadets for this trip.   Cadets selected for the trip will be expected to take part in fund-raising activities specific to this trip.  This fund-raising will be in addition to the requirements of tagging in the spring for the squadron.


There will be a sign up list for interested cadets posted on Monday night, PLEASE NOTE THAT SIGNING UP FOR THE TRIP DOES NOT GUARENTEE YOUR PARTICIPATION.  We will do our best to firm up a selection list as soon as possible so that people attending and alternates can plan accordingly.



*** Please understand, that at this early stage, no details are confirmed and are subject to change – our goal is to keep the cadets and parents informed as early in the planning process as possible ***



How are We Doing – Our Squadron Web Site

Our new web site has a number of different features in the way it is set up and its reliance on the many photos that were used to illustrate the Squadron’s activities, programs and its history.  One feature that no one is really aware of is the fact that the site is being closely monitored by “Google Analytics”. This program tracks almost every facet of the site except IP addresses and we can see at a glance how many hits there are by day, month or year as well as a mountain of other data about the sites performance.

Here is a list of some of the interesting facts that have come to light as we continue to monitor the site.

1. 3340 Total Visits to date, 13,341 individual pages viewed, 3.99 pages opened per visit, average time on the site 3.31


2. Visitors to the site came from 35 different countries and territories around the world. The top areas were Canada 2952, United States 168 and England 107, Russia 18, France 17. The farthest away were countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Pakistan and Romania.


3. The most Viewed pages were the Calendar 781 and the newsletter 704, About Us 314


4. The top key word used when searching for the site is 151 Chadburn


5. Referrals to the site came from other air cadet units, the Air Cadet League also Face Book and Twitter. It should be noted that  Face Book was the 4th most frequent referral site.


6. The top search engine was Google followed by Bing.


7. For 3340 visits the most popular search engine was Internet Explorer, followed by Firefox, Chrome and Safari


The top mobile devices were IPod, Iphone and Ipad.


8  3.4% of all visitors have  visited the site 100 to 200 times.


5 K Run Fund Raiser


Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre

The run is coming next weekend so get your running shoes out and ready to go. We will have a meeting on Monday evening to finalize the group and explain some of the details as to how the run will be organized. The start time will be 0830 Sunday morning at the airport. Participating cadets will need to bring their entry form that has been signed by their parents as well as the $20 registration fee. We hope that all of the participants will also bring in pledges to help make this a successful fund raising event for Hearth Place. Cadets who are bringing pledges should use cash or a check as a means of payment. Checks should be made out to Hearth Place.


This is the first time we have ever entered something like this. Let’s make it a memorable day for the Squadron as well as Hearth Place.


Aviation Photo of The Week

Our Photo this week is a video. It is a spectacular show of aircraft doing aerobatics at night.

Be prepared to be amazed.





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