The Dispatch, Issue #8, Week of Nov. 8, 2015

The Dispatch, Issue #8, Week of Nov. 8, 2015


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Issue # 8

Week of Nov 8, 2015

Cadets of the Week


Remembrance Day


Each week we receive a number of interesting and sometimes thought provoking emails. Some of these emails are important and some end up as our aviation

photo of the week while others end up a victim of our delete button.  In our inbox this week we found a different but rather emotional email regarding Remembrance Day

and it gives us all a different view on how one family remembers this important day. 

“So here we are, selling poppies in a Smiths Falls grocery store when a lady came up to us.  As she was picking out a poppy, she asked if either of us was a veteran.

When she found out that we had served she related the following story.

“Near the end of the war, my parents decided to flee Berlin just ahead of the Soviet forces.  They wandered the countryside in their little van trying to avoid the violence. 

The van was strafed by American fighter planes.  The family escaped unhurt but with only a diaper bag for possessions.

After wandering for days with no food, they came to a train station.  Soon after their arrival a contingent of Canadian troops rolled in. 

The troops took one look at the bedraggled couple with their baby and immediately shared their rations with them. 

After this treatment my father said, “Well if we should ever decide to emigrate,

I would go to a country where their soldiers were willing to share their food with the enemy.”

And that, the lady said, is why I’m in Canada today.”


This week we are getting ready for yet another Remembrance Day and our cadets

have been out assisting our local Legions both Branch 43  and 637 with their poppy campaigns.

Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

LAC E. Boyden

FSgt R. Barton

WO2 B. Medina

WO2 A. Lloyd

F/Sgt M. Singh

F/Sgt Carson

WO2 E. Dellipizzi

Cpl. Promotions


Squadron Fund Raising Project

Poinsettia Christmas Flowers from Rekker Gardens


As promised order forms for the Poinsettia flowers were handed out to all cadets this past Monday. Parents and friends of the squadron are all welcome to participate in this fund raising project for our cadets. Please remember  that all order forms are to be back at the squadron November 16th.  Late returns will not be processed. 

Delivery Schedule

The following is a schedule for the return of order forms and the delivery of plants.

All order forms must be in to the Squadron by Monday November 16th.

Pick up will be from the Squadron’s HQ on Monday December 7.

Future Cadet Activities










Tri Service Dance

Lviv Hall

1800 hrs




Outdoor Training

Ganaraska Forest





Outdoor Training

Ganaraska Forest


Thoughts From the Treadmill

As another Remembrance Day comes around, we all hear of the great sacrifices that so many made so that we can have our freedom.  As the number of veterans and civilian survivors of the Second World War declines, I feel it is even more necessary than ever for those of us in the younger generations to do our part and ensure that the sacrifice was not made in vain.  This week, the Squadron will march in the Oshawa Remembrance Day parade on Wednesday.  As this is a school day, the parade is not a mandatory event, however I would ask that every cadet and staff member that is able to attend does so.  The  Squadron will be forming up in the area behind the Ontario Regiment Armouries at the corner of Ontario and Richmond Streets.  Cadets are to be there ready to march at 1000 on Wednesday morning.  The weather is supposed to be a bit warmer and the rain is supposed to hold off until Thursday, so we may leave the parkas behind in a vehicle for the duration of the parade.  Please make sure your name is on the label of your parka so that you get the right one back at the end of the day.  I really hope we have a great turn out for this parade and can show the veterans that we have not forgotten them. 

I would like to remind everyone that still has their lottery tickets out to get them sold and turned in to Mrs. Chandler as soon as possible.  We are doing very well so far, let’s keep it up.

Tri-Service Dance tickets are still on sale, please see OCdt Di Loreto after closing parade to purchase your tickets.

Just a reminder that our normal fall weekend exercise at Ganaraska has not been cancelled, just postponed until the weekend of 12-13 December.  We will be staying in the barracks at the forest training centre and doing all of the regular training that we normally do outdoors.  Please mark it on your calendars.  We will be having a sign up very shortly.

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week

Major Bliss

Aviation Photo of the Week

Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

This North Island airport is one of the few in the world that has a railway line running through its runway.

Both the railway and the airport are active, so let’s hope they are precise about their scheduling.


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