The Dispatch, Issue # 23, 3 Mar 2013

The Dispatch, Issue # 23, 3 Mar 2013

Subject: The Dispatch, Issue # 23, 3 Mar 2013


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Issue 23

Week of Mar 3, 2013

Cadet of the week 25 Feb

Cadets of the Week

Squadron Model Building Contest

This past Monday the squadron held its annual model building contest. Here is a photo of all of the models that were brought in for the contest.

The P51 Mustang and the P40 Tiger shark were the Junior and Senior winners in the contest.


clip_image004 clip_image005

Top Model, Junior cadet                                Top  Model, Senior cadet


The New Look at “Chadburn.Org”

Our website displays all the information that is needed to join the squadron and it also provides

our cadets with an important resource and information centre for the Squadron’s cadet program. What follows is a list of

the administrative references that we have now added to the website.


The Mini Menu Bar at the top of the Home page directs you to the following items:

                         Calendar A calendar of weekly cadet activities and events.

                                    Donate individuals who may wish to financially support the squadron operations may now do so here through Canada Helps.

                                    Resources – A section that is devoted to information that cadets and staff will need to use as they participate in the cadet program.

                                   Achievement ProgramCadets can check their current point standing which reflects their level of participation in the Squadron’s many different activities.         

                                   Duke of Edinburgh Program – A description of this important new international youth program.

                         Contact Us A quick and simple form allows visitors to contact the Squadron directly.

The Main Menu Bar directs the reader to the following administrative sections:

How to Join –  A complete description of the new recruit training program as a well as a video and a description of the enrolment process

Summer Training Here cadets and parents can find a cadet’s summer camp status as well as get the latest information on all the summer camp programs.

Training The complete air cadet training program and lesson plans are now available on line for our cadets to use when they are  teaching classes.

Glassy Boot Award

Honourable Members

F/Cpl Barton, Sgt. Hembruff, Cpl Milne, WO2 Bauer, Sgt. Boyden, Sgt. Katzer, Cpl. Hancock, Sgt. Chandler WO2  Smith

F/Sgt Bliss, Sgt Mogosh, Cpl Hewett, F/Cpl Shaw, Sgt. Keller, Cpl Zdebiak, F/Cpl J. Ehrt, WO2 Neill, Sgt Sheppard, Sgt Sam, F/Cpl Abraham

Cpl C. Swatridge, AC J. Hancock, F/Cpl D. Lloyd, F/Cpl C.Brandow, Cpl M.Achan, F/Cpl V. Singh

Skiing Mount Saint Louis Moonstone

Last weekend it was skiing outdoors at Mount Saint Louis Moonstone. As one can see from the photos the skill level in some cases was in doubt

but it was still a lot of fun and great weekend outdoors in the snow.


clip_image007 clip_image008 clip_image009

Thoughts From The Treadmill

A day late on this week’s issue of the Dispatch, this is mainly because of the mess dinner last night. 

There is a lot going on this week; first the most important news.  F/Cpl  Barton, the young man I mentioned last week who had been involved in the accident at skiing is finally at home.  He has a long recovery ahead, but the doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery.  He is going to be under bed rest and careful watch by his parents, but this is positive news.  Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

For those at the dinner last night, I am sure you were all as moved as I was by Major Phillips’ talk.  As a parent of a service member, it hit very close to home.   I hope you all take something from his talk and realize the importance of the attributes he spoke about.  The things we try to teach you on a daily basis at the squadron will get you through life a lot easier. 

I am sure you can all imagine how much work goes in to organizing a dinner of this size.  I would like to thank Lt. Brosseau and Mrs. Brosseau for their work in organizing this year’s dinner. 

When it comes to saying thank you, we are normally pretty quick to thank the organizations and individuals who do something in support of the squadron, one place where I have failed to publicly show my appreciation is within my staff.  Due to work commitments, I have been unable to attend Monday nights for several weeks.  Captain Weigel, who is my DCO, has not only stepped up to the plate in these times, he continues to do his own work as well as a chunk of mine.  It is dangerous to take things for granted and I want to publicly thank him and tell him how much I appreciate the extra work he has been doing.  Hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and it won’t be another northbound train. 

The Marksmanship Team will be competing on Saturday at the zone shoot.  Please wish them well in their competition. 

I am sure some of you will be taking off for warmer parts before next week’s Dispatch, so I will wish you a safe and happy journey now.  It is hard to imagine that there will only be two months left of the cadet year when we come back from March Break.  Please remember that we will be making selections for the Year End Trip shortly.  If you have not signed up and would like to go, please sign the list tonight at closing parade.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week.                                   

Major Bliss

Aviation Photo Of the Week

Our photo this week is actually a painting of an event that took place on 20 December 1943. On that date an American B17  ”Ye Olde Pub” was struggling to return to England after a bomb run over Bremen in Germany.  The aircraft had been severely damaged by German fighters with one engine out, several crew members injured or killed  and most of their guns out of action. As the aircraft limped along and going in the wrong direction it was intercepted by a German fighter flown by Luftwaffe pilot and ace Franz Stigler. Instead of shooting down the bomber he steered the aircraft towards the north sea then saluted as he peeled off to return to base. The aircraft eventually landed safely at a bomber base in England.

The story did not end there as Franz Stigler eventually emigrated to Canada where he found in a newsletter for German Fighter Pilots a write up by pilot Charlie Brown the American bomber captain who described his emotional encounter in the skies over Germany. The article led to Franz Stigler contacting Charlie Brown. Their reunion led to the development of an emotional bond between the two pilots and they remained close friends throughout the rest of their lives both dying within several months of each other in 2008.


If you would like to read more about this rare moment in aviation history go to

To see the emotional get together of Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler after the war click on

clip_image011 clip_image012

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