The Dispatch, Issue # 22, Feb 24, 2013

The Dispatch, Issue # 22, Feb 24, 2013


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Issue 22

Week of Feb 24, 2013

It’s next weekend

Do not forget to get your Tickets Tomorrow


Our Squadron Mess Dinner Sunday, March 3

$20.00 for Adults $18.00 for cadets

Model Building Contest

Cadets are reminded that our annual model building contest will be held at the school for all of our model builders.

We will have a table set up in the main hall for cadets to put their models on when they arrive at the school.


Roller Skating Coachlite Gardens

As last Monday was a family day holiday there was no regular training parade but as one can see there was an excellent turn out for an evening of roller skating at Coachlite Gardens.




The New Look at “Chadburn.Org”

We trust that those who follow this email also take a time to check out the squadron’s website. If you have, you know that over the past few months there have been some major changes and we now we have a website that is one the most complete, colourful and informative cadet sites in the air cadet world. 

In the next several issues of the Dispatch we are going to explore some of the important features of our new site. For example on the home page you can now find on the lower right side of the home page a growing gallery of cadet photos that we have started to assemble to show the variety of activities and adventures that our cadets are involved in. Not only are there a number of memorable photos but as you will see our cadets have a lot of fun just being an air cadet in 151.

The photos that follow are all from this new photo gallery and they represent some of the many different activities and adventures that air cadets in this squadron have been a part of. Our photo collection is growing and here you can find photos from Wonderland, hockey games , music, roller skating, gliding, treking in the tree tops and the view from the roof of the Wells Cathedral in the City of Wells,  England.

clip_image004 clip_image005 clip_image006 clip_image007 clip_image008 clip_image009

clip_image010 clip_image011 clip_image012 clip_image013


Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting has not been on the weekly schedule as we have to juggle staff on occasion to run the activity. Currently the Squadron’s competition air rifle team

is meeting on Tuesdays in preparation for the Zone shoot that is coming up in March.


Glassy Boot Award

Honourable Members

F/Cpl Barton, Sgt. Hembruff, Cpl Milne, WO2 Bauer, Sgt. Boyden, Sgt. Katzer, Cpl. Hancock, Sgt. Chandler WO2  Smith

F/Sgt Bliss, Sgt Mogosh, Cpl Hewett, F/Cpl Shaw, Sgt. Keller, Cpl Zdebiak, F/Cpl J. Ehrt, WO2 Neill, Sgt Sheppard, Sgt Sam, F/Cpl Abraham

Cpl C. Swatridge, AC J. Hancock, F/Cpl D. Lloyd, F/Cpl C.Brandow, Cpl M.Achan, F/Cpl V. Singh


Thoughts From The Treadmill

A few very important thoughts this week.

We have received authorization to conduct our year end trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York, a sign up list will be put up on Monday night.  We will be taking approximately 95 cadets on the trip this year and anticipate that the price will remain the same as last year at $200.00 per person.  This covers transportation, lodging and meals while on the trip.  Cadets wishing to shop or buy souvenirs will have to bring their own spending money.  The selection process will be based on participation in cadet activities and the achievement points earned throughout the year. 

The cadet mess dinner is fast approaching.  We still have some tickets available and would like to see as many people as possible out to share our evening with us.  There will be some promotions, some trophy presentations and a guest speaker that comes highly recommended from the Canadian Forces. Please come out and have dinner with us.

And finally (and most importantly), yesterday at skiing one of our cadets was seriously hurt when he fell, he is still in the hospital and is being kept for observation.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  I will keep you updated on his status. 

Have a great and safe week.

Major Bliss


Aviation Photo Of the Week





Cadets and staff will quickly recognise the person in this photo as WO Daniel Thissen a former cadet from our squadron who carried on with his aviation training to become a commercial pilot, a flight instructor and then one of our squadron’s familiarization pilots. Daniel is now flying commercially as a first officer with Air Bravo a charter and air ambulance service based in Thunder Bay Ontario. The aircraft in the photo  is one of  nine Pilatus PC-12 aircraft that the company uses to fly all over the Province of Ontario. They currently have over 90 employees and operate from five different bases in the Province. They are involved in Air Ambulance Medicine and they have conducted many thousands of patient transfers on behalf of the Government of Ontario and private insurance companies.

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