The Dispatch Issue # 18, Week of March 8, 2015

The Dispatch Issue # 18, Week of March 8, 2015


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Issue # 18

Week of March 8, 2015

Cadets of The Week


151 Squadron’s Annual  Mess Dinner

The dinner is one of the highlights of the Squadron’s training year and this year we have not only more cadets but a renowned guest speaker. 

The tariff is $20.00 per adult and $18 per cadet/child and tickets are available on Monday at the school.


LAC Promotions

Last week the squadron promoted the cadets from the first Recruit Course to the rank of Leading Air Cadet. Congratulations!

clip_image004 clip_image005

Weekly Cadet Activities 

Date Day Month Activity Location Time
9 Mon Mar Regular Training Central Collegiate 1830 – 2200 hrs
10 Tues Mar Rifle Team Practice Squadron HQ 1830 – 2130 hrs
11 Wed Mar Drill Team Squadron HQ 1900 – 2130 hrs
11 Wed Mar Boot Shining Squadron HQ 1900 – 2130 hrs
12 Thurs Mar Non Comp Band Squadron HQ 1900 – 2100 hrs
12 Thurs Mar Competition  Band Lviv Hall 1900 – 2130 hrs
13 Fri Mar Movie Night  “The Great Escape”   Squadron HQ 1830-TBD
14 Sat Mar No Cadets No Cadets No Cadets
15 Sun Mar No Cadets No Cadets No Cadets

For details of the Squadron’s many activities please review the squadron

calendar by following this link :

Where Are They Now ?

Our squadron has been fortunate to have had an outstanding piper as one of the cadets in our squadron. The piper David Chandler has now graduated from the cadet program but as a member of our band his skill and talent brought a new and emotional sound to our Squadron’s band performances. Presently he is serving with the Prince Of Wales Regiment in Kingston as an Infantry Army Reservist while he completes his studies at Queen’s University in Kingston.

Last summer he played with the band of the Governor General’s Foot Guards on Parliament Hill. In April this year he will again be transferring back to Ottawa to rejoin the Ceremonial Guard. The main tasking’s for the foot guards are the Changing of the Guard on the Hill as well as ceremonies at the War Memorial and Rideau Hall.  In the photos you can see him performing with our band as well as how he appeared when parading in Ottawa.


clip_image007 clip_image008

A Surprise Visit


Last Monday two of our recent graduates attended the squadron’s closing parade. The first is 2Lt. Kelly who is currently undergoing flight training with the Air Force. The other is OCdt Singh who is attending  Royal Military College Saint-Jean PQ where he is enrolled in the aerospace engineering program. As readers can see their attendance sparked considerable interest with numerous cadets and parents coming over to chat with them about their military careers.

Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

The following cadets have all been accepted as full members in the special and exclusive society

known  as the “Royal Order of the Glassy Boot.”

WO1/WO2 WO1 Bliss WO2 Boyden WO2 Hembruff WO2 Lloyd, D
WO2 Shaw WO2 Sheppard
FSGT FSgt Barton FSgt Brandow FSgt Dellipizzi FSgt Gagnon
FSgt Katzer FSgt Lloyd, A FSgt O’Brien FSgt Sam
FSgt Travis
SGT Sgt Abraham Sgt Annis Sgt Carson Sgt Davies
Sgt Hewett Sgt Kennedy Sgt Loyst Sgt Mejia
Sgt Milne Sgt Nemeth Sgt Singh
FCPL FCpl Alleyne FCpl Chandler FCpl Hancock FCpl Hayes
FCpl Katzer FCpl Sealy FCpl Talhouk
CPL Cpl Anthony Cpl Garriock Cpl Rabjohn

Cadets wishing to apply for membership must first be approved by the Squadron Warrant Officer,

then we will post their name here in our newsletter.

Our Ski Day Mount St. Louis Moonstone


clip_image011 clip_image012 clip_image013

Up Coming Cadet Activities

Day Month Activity Location
28 Mar Zone 16 Air Rifle Comp R.S. McLaughlin Armories
29 Mar Mess Dinner Lviv Ukrainian Hall
5 Apr Easter Egg Hunt Oshawa Airport
12 Apr Gliding Mountainview
12 Apr Spring Training Ganaraska Forest
16-19 Apr Fund Raising (Tagging) City of Oshawa
25 Apr EOA Band Comp Kingston
30 May Canadian International Military Tattoo Hamilton

“Achievement Points” A Cadet Incentive Program

Not everyone who follows the Dispatch may know what we mean when we mention “Achievements” .  Each time a cadet participates in a band practice, a sports parade, air rifle shooting, tagging or other cadet activity he or she is awarded a point providing that the activity does not require a fee. These points are then added up and published for all cadets to see. The objective is to provide a positive incentive for cadets to become involved in all of the many activities that take place at 151.

However there is one way that a cadet can lose points and that occurs when a cadet does not report that they will be absent from a regular Monday evening training parade.

This program is unique in the cadet system and it has been in use at the Squadron for many years. It does have one other important function and that is it gives the staff a positive reference when evaluating cadets for awards or when selecting cadets for participation at a summer camp or a year end trip.

Here is a current list of the points attained by the top 70 cadets

SGT Milne Tanya 130 AC Rowan Selena 57
SGT Abraham Christoper 124 SGT Kennedy, B Brooke 54
FCPL McDougall Robert 102 AC Lloyd, C Caitlin 57
WO2 Sheppard Samantha 99 AC Fava, S Saccara 57
SGT Singh, M Muskaan 99 FCPL Mbuyi, M Michelline 57
SGT Carson Alexandra 98 FSGT O’Brien Marissa 55
FSGT Medina Brandon 95 FCPL Sealy Rochelle 55
FCPL Lloyd, Del Delaney 94 CPL Mbuyi, O Onassis 55
SGT Hancock, Jas Jasmine 92 CPL Shewchuk, K Kyle 55
FSGT Brandow Christina 91 CPL Wardell Behlen 54
FSGT Flanagan-Dellipizzi, E Emma 91 SGT Annis Madeleine 53
WO2 Shaw James 88 WO2 Boyden, A Adam 53
SGT Hewett Bradley 83 SGT Nemeth Nicholas 53
FCPL Fava, J Jacob 81 FSGT Barton, R Roman 52
FSGT White-Travis Cory 80 FSGT Gagnon Nicolas 51
FCPL Chandler Fiona 82 AC Lang Ethan 54
SGT Mejia, P Paula 79 FCPL Lake Katelyn 50
WO1 Bliss Ryan 78 CPL Zubiri, J John 50
FCPL Hancock, Jes Jessica 77 FCPL Zubiri, P Peter 48
CPL Hayes Iliana 74 SGT Loyst Andrew 48
SGT Davies Kaitlyn 70 FCPL Massey Zackary 48
WO2 Lloyd, Dec Declan 71 FCPL Maung Matthew 46
CPL Rabjohn Nicole 69 FCPL Stuart Gregory 49
WO2 Hembruff Amanda 62 FCPL Flanagan-Dellipizzi, Noah 46
FSGT Lloyd, A Andrew 65 CPL Mahadeo Ravi 48
FSGT Sam, D Desiree 61 SGT Sigus Bryce 47
FSGT DeMille Russell 62 AC Boyden, E Emily 46
FCPL Mbuyi, J Jean-Claude 63 CPL Kabeya Daniel 46
FCPL Anthony Marcus 62 AC PATERSON EMMA 47
CPL Kennedy, H Hunter 61 CPL McCullough William 44
FCPL Suen Rebecca 59 FSGT Katzer, K Kyle 41
AC ROWAN SELENA 57 AC Chen, J Jevin 41
SGT Kennedy, B Brooke 54 SGT Contre Felixpier 40

Thoughts From the Treadmill

I had the pleasure of sitting on the NCO Course interview boards on Sunday.  Although it was an extremely long day for the cadets and staff alike, I for one was very satisfied with the results.  These cadets have been participating in the Senior NCO Course for 8 weeks including today and the results are very promising.  I truly feel that the future leaders of the Squadron are up to the task of filling whatever gaps appear in the coming years.  Congratulations to all cadets who completed the course.  I would like to thank all of the staff who came out so often to run the course and to the 26 staff that came out for the testing weekend.  The professionalism, esprit de corps and knowledge of the senior NCO Course candidates is due in no small part to your participation.

I would also like to recognize the great work of the Warrant Officers and Flight Sergeants in helping to organize and run the course.

I received an email earlier this week from Mr. Brooks, the Chairman of our Sponsoring Committee from the Rotary Club of Oshawa. For many years the Rotary Club of Oshawa has provided a $1000 Scholarship for post- secondary education.  This scholarship will be awarded to the cadet who best demonstrates Rotary’s Four Way Test which is.

· Is it the truth?

· Is it fair to all concerned?

· Will it build goodwill and better friendship?

· Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Any qualified cadet is encouraged to apply.  A letter from the applicant (approximately 300 words) is to be submitted summarizing their cadet career as it pertains to the Four Way Test, which post- secondary institutions they have applied to and outlining their career goals.  Each applicant will have a brief interview with a panel of Rotarians and a staff member.  It is important that cadets compose their letter around the Four Way Test.  In previous years some of the applicants have lost points for not staying with this theme.  During the interview, cadets will be judged on uniform, deportment, general knowledge and squadron activities.

Award of the Scholarship will not receive final approval until confirmation of registration at a university or college has been received.  Such proof is not required upon application.

It is Rotary’s intention to present the award at the Annual Inspection.

The cutoff date for applications will be April 20th 2015.  Interviews will be scheduled shortly after that.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please speak to me personally.

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week.

Major Bliss

“Rules of the Air”

Some practical thoughts and comments regarding the world of aviation.

“Always try to keep the number of landings you make equal to the number of take offs you’ve made”

Aviation Photo Of the Week


Marie Marvingt

First Female Pilot to Fly in Military Combat Worldwide, 1915


Marie Marvingt (1875-1963) was the 3rd woman in France and worldwide to obtain a pilot licence and the first, worldwide, to fly an aircraft in military combat. Nicknamed the ‘fiancée of danger’, Marie was already a very experienced pilot when WWI began. Nonetheless, she started to serve her country in the trenches, gun in hands, disguised as a man. However, she was uncovered and sent home. Determined to serve, she became a war nurse before leveraging her relationships to access air combat airplanes. In 1915, she became the first woman worldwide to complete an airborne combat mission when she bombed a German military barrack in Metz, occupied territory. She was recognized for her heroism with a Croix de guerre with palms.

After the war, Marie Marvingt dedicated the rest of her life to the development of medical flight evacuation. She is recognized worldwide as the ‘mother’ of that discipline. The holder of 34 medals, she is the most decorated woman in the world. Upon turning 80, she earned one last pilot licence, a helicopter pilot licence.

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