Lt. Vanderende Sports

Lt.(Navy) J. Vanderende – Sports Award


Vanderende Trophy
The LT/N Jim Vanderende CD Sports Award for outstanding athletic leadership and active involvement in the Squadron’s sports program.




2016 Fsgt. S. Mastroianni
2015 Cpl. E. Boyden
2014 Sgt. B. Hewett
2013 FSgt. C. White-Travis
2012 Sgt. A. Hembruff
2011 F/Sgt. T. Neill
2010 Sgt. H. Manders and Sgt. R. Whitney
2009 Sgt. N. Janssen
2008 Sgt. J. Cottrell
2007 WO2 D. Weigel
2006 N/A
2005 WO2 M. Bowman
2004 WO2 M. Bowman
2004 Sgt. J. VanVroenhoven
2003 FSgt. A. VanVroenhoven
2002 Sgt. K. Attanasio
2001 Cpl. A. VanVroenhoven
2000 LAC P. Mooney
1999 FSgt. J. Wagstaffe