Chadburn Squadron

Chadburn Squadron History

151 Squadron is unique in that it has a complete record of its history and that history is taught to all cadets, including recruits.

Unit History

151 Squadron is unique in the Canadian Air Cadet movement. It is the only Squadron (out of 440+) that has been named after an individual who himself gave the unit his name. 151 Squadron’s long and proud history – from its formation in the Summer of 1942 up to the present day. CLICK HERE. to view the page.

Wing Commander Chadburn

Our namesake, Wing Commander Chadburn himself gave the Squadron permission to use his name during a visit in 1943. Wing Commander Chadburn was one of Canada’s great air leaders during World War II. His biography, Gone is the Angel, is also available from the Squadron.

Provincial Awards

The Air Cadet League started handing out provincial awards in 1960. 151 Squadron won its first award in 1968 and has been at the top of the pack (100+ Squadrons) since that time. CLICK HERE to view the page.


151 Squadron has had 10 commanding officers since its conception. Here is a field guide to the Squadron’s Commanders

Squadron Warrant Officers

The senior cadet, generally aged 17 or 18, are appointed the Squadron Warrant Officer. This individual is responsible for all aspects of the Squadron’s operation at the cadet level. Here you can see all the SWOs that have held that position since formation. Squadron Warrant Officers

Cadet Trophies

Each year at the Annual Inspection, the Squadron presents its finest cadets with a number of trophies. As well, at the Squadron’s annual Cadet Mess Dinner, the Squadron presents awards of achievement and proficiency to many cadets. On these pages, their history and origin is presented. CLICK HERE to view the page.