420 Wing Gliding

Gliding Award – 420 Wing RCAFA

Airforce Association Crest

Established 1995


The 420 (City of Oshawa) Wing RCAFA, of the Air Force Association of Canada present this award to the cadet who attains the highest standing of the Squadron’s cadets who have successfully completed the Air Cadet Leagues glider pilot training program.

2016 Sgt M. Garriock
2015 WO2 J. Shaw
2014 FSgt D. Lloyd
2012 F/Sgt C. Kelley
2011 F/Sgt H. Whitney
2010 Sgt A. Harvel
2009 F/Sgt Keller
2008 FSGT B. Hopson
2008 FSGT D. Brosseau
2007 FSGT L. Monster
2006 FSGT C. Aytimur
2005 FSGT B. Burns
2004 FSGT M. Perkin
2003 FSGT D. Ebisuzaki
2002 FSGT T. Dawson
2001 SGT A. Krasnay
2000 SGT A. Shehata
1999 FSGT V. Kovic
1998 Flight Sergeant J. Nield
1997 Sergeant J. Bridgewater
1996 Sergeant Paul Murdoch
Corporal T. McKee
1995 LAC K. Aguirre

(Power Trophy – discontinued 2000)
This trophy is presented annually to the cadet who has attained the highest score on the qualification examination for Power Scholarship

1999 Warrant Officer 2nd Class M. Devera
1998 Warrant Officer 2nd Class T. Devera
1997 Warrant Officer 2nd Class P. Murdoch
1996 Corporal S. Harris
1995 Warrant Officer 2nd Class I. DeCarlo