CO’s Trophy

Commanding Officers Trophy

Although this award has been presented annually for many years, it was not until 1997 that a permanent trophy had been created. In addition, recognition is paid to a cadet selected from each squad in the Squadron, making up an Honour Squad.

Presented annually to the Squad Leader determined by his/her peers as the most proficient in leading his/her unit.

2024Sgt Karl Lindvere
2016Sgt B. Wardell
2015Sgt N. Nemeth
2014Sgt E. Delipizzi
2013Sgt A. Boyden
2012Sgt A. Boyden
2011Sgt M. Lysyk
2010Sgt J Mitchell
2009FCpl K. Bell
2008Sgt B. Hopson
2007Sgt S. Keoghan
2006Sgt M. Blakely
2005Sgt M. Jubenville
2004Sgt M. Vance
2003Sgt G. Caracciolo
2002Cpl C. Weigel
2001Sgt T. Dawson
1999Sgt D. Losier
1998Cpl A. Leslie
Sgt T. Gosson