Maj. Burns Shield

Major Burns Trophy

Major Garry Burns served as the Squadron’s seventh commanding officer from 1990 to 1993, and again from 1997 through to 2000. Throughout his nearly thirty year career with 151 Squadron, Major Burns always demonstrated the highest level of leadership. Much of the current NCO Course structure and style is attributable to him.


Each year, the Squadron conducts a rigorous NCO Course which is a local prerequisite for promotion. The competition is stiff for the few positions available, and this shield is presented to the candidate who places first on the course.

2016 Fcpl N. Rabjohn
2015 Sgt C. Abraham
2014 Sgt B. Medina
2013 Sgt C. Kelly
2012 Sgt. S.Sheppard
2011 Sergeant M. Lysyk
2010 Sergeant J. Bauer
2009 N/A
2008 Flight Corporal Trevor Smith
2007 Corporal’s D. Monster & N. Shoenmaker
2006 Corporal J. Regush
2005 Corporal L. Monster
2004 Corporal A. Cecchetto
2003 Corporal M. Vance
2002 Corporal S. Frackowiak
2001 Corporal J. Standeven
2000 Corporal C. Weaver
1999 Corporal G. Dooley
1998 Corporal M. Cummings
1997 Corporal K. Charabaruk
1996 Corporal T. Devera
1995 Corporal K. Aguirre
1994 Corporal C. Worrall
1993 Corporal R. Brear