Maj. Weigel Band

Major Bert Weigel Shield – Band Award

Established 1988

Major Bert Weigel


This shield originally started as a simple box with the old bugle inside it, but has since developed into the magnificent shield it is today. Major Bert Weigel was the driving force behind the formation of the Squadron’s current band programme. Starting in 1985 with a set of borrowed drums, the Squadron’s band has since grown into a full military band and performs throughout Durham Region.


Presented annually to the musician who has shown the most improvement over the training year.

2012 F/Cpl. D. Lloyd
2011 F/SGT J. Mitchell Tuba
2010 F/Cpl R. Wensing Trumpet
2009 SGT J. Tan Trumpet
2008 FSGT C. Bliss Drums
2007 Corp J. Baluszek Flute/Picolo
2006 FSGT. T. Lawrence Trombone
2005 SGT. D. Weigel Trumpet
2004 F/SGT. J. Frackowiac Trumpet
2003 LAC J. Garrow Saxophone
2002 LAC M. Lewis Bass Drum
2001 LAC S. Middleton Trumpet
2000 LAC T. Noble Saxophone
1998 LAC G. Dooley Trumpet
1997 LAC L. Armstrong Trumpet
1996 LAC C. McCarthy Cymbals
1995 LAC J. Biggart Clarinet
1994 Corporal A. Pelham Drums
1993 LAC D. Forsey Drums
1992 Corporal G. Ogilvie Trumpet
LAC R. Brear Bagpipes
LAC G. Elliot Bass Drum
1990 LAC K. Hoskin Trumpet
LAC K. Lecky Drums
Corporal N. Middleton Flute
1989 Corporal A. Goodwin Trumpet
LAC A. Carr Drums
LAC H. Gilbank Flute
1988 Corporal M. Charland Clarinet
Corporal J. McLuckie Trumpet
LAC W. Burgess Drums