LCol Beaton Trophy

LCol S.Beaton Trophy

Top Flight Commander

This trophy is presented in honour of Lieutenant Colonel S. L. Beaton, former commanding officer of the Squadron. Colonel Beaton served the Squadron from 1950 to 1986 before moving on to become the Area Colonel and Commanding Officer of the Borden Air Cadet Camp.

This trophy is awarded annually to the Flight Commander who has been most successful in leading his or her flight.

This determination is made by the Squadron’s NCOs and WOs.


2024WO2 Olivia Walker
2016Flight Sergeant T. Milne
2015Flight Sergeant K. Katzer
2014Flight Sergeant A. Ford-Williams
2013Warrant Officer 2nd Class J. Mitchell
2012Flight Sergeant H. Whitney
2011Warrant Officer R.MacKintosh
2010 Flight Sergeant A. Keller
2009Flight Sergeant F. Higgins
2008Flight Sergeant M. White
2007Flight Sergeant L. Monster
2006Warrant Officer 2nd Class B. Burns
2005Flight Sergeant B. Burns
2004Flight Sergeant M. Bowman
2003Flight Sergeant T. Dawson
2002Flight Sergeant D. Losier
2001Flight Sergeant T. Cook
2000Warrant Officer J. Hicks
1999Warrant Officer M. Devera
1998Flight Sergeant S. Donahue
1997Warrant Officer M. Razo
1996Flight Sergeant P. Murdoch
1995Warrant Officer I. Decarlo
1994Flight Sergeant G. Ogilvie
1993Flight Sergeant D. Dooley
1991Flight Sergeant S. Gates
1990Flight Sergeant D. Mink
1989Flight Sergeant J. Shorthouse
1988Warrant Officer J. Grebenc
1987Flight Sergeant R. Cryer
1986Warrant Officer S. Lyons
1985Warrant Officer L. Morgan
Flight Sergeant Russ Brown
1984Flight Sergeant D. Bliss