McLellan Memorial

McLellan Memorial Trophy

Established 2003


This trophy is presented in memory of Mrs. Patricia McLellan, the first female president of the Oshawa Rotary Club. Patricia was known for her courage and her dedication to the Club and to the Squadron. She was an exciting, vibrant and fun loving person whose cheery personality made her a very popular member.


This trophy is awarded annually to a cadet demonstrating the qualities of comradeship, teamwork, dedication to the Squadron and community involvement.

Year Trophy Recipient
2013 WO 2 M. Lysyk
2012 FSGT T. Neill
2011 SGT B. Jackson
2010 FSGT M. White
2009 FSGT M. Mastroianni
2008 FSGT L. Monster
2007 WO2 M. Jubenville
2006 WO2 M. Bowman
2005 FSGT J. VanVroenhoven
2004 WO1 J. Standeven
2003 F/SGT K. Attanasio