Kathleen Hutchings

Sgt. Kathleen Hutchings Trophy

(established 1994)This trophy is presented in memory of the late Sergeant Kathleen Hutchings, a capable and popular young leader in the Squadron. She was tragically killed in an automobile accident during the March Break of 1994.


This trophy is awarded annually to the junior non-commissioned officer (corporal or sergeant) who best exemplifies those qualities present in Sergeant Hutchings: community involvement, leadership and participation in Squadron activities.


2016 Flight Corporal N. Rabjohn
2015 Sergeant C. Abraham
2014 Sergeant N. Nemeth
2013 Flight Corporal A. Lloyd
2012 Flight Corporal D. Lloyd
2011 Flight Sergeant A. Harvel
2010 Sergeant M. Moroz
2009 Sergeant T. Smith
2008 Sergeant C. Jackson
2007 Sergeant C. McAteer
2006 Sergeant L. Monster
2005 Sergeant M. Jubenville
2004 Sergeant D. Thissen
2003 Sergeant J. Lorusso
2002 Corporal M. Perkin
2001 Corporal J. Standeven
2000 Sergeant A. Button
1999 Sergeant M. Stykes
1998 Sergeant T. Cook
1997 Sergeant J. Neild
1996 Sergeant S. Harris
1995 Sergeant G. Elliot
1994 Sergeant R. Brear






On Friday, March 18, 1994, Sergeant Kathleen Hutchings passed away as a result of major injuries suffered in an automobile accident earlier that week. She was a very popular cadet – not only with her peers and superiors, but with her subordinates as well.


Kathleen Hutchings had been promoted to Sergeant four days before her death, but never knew it. The announcement of her promotion was to be delayed until the cadet Mess Dinner on Sunday, 26 March.


She was an active member of the Squadron band and played lead flute. She was also a strong and natural leader within the band in particular and the Squadron in general. She will most surely be missed by all.


The Squadron was honoured by her family when we were asked to provide pall bearers for the funeral, held on March 21. On our regular training night (the day before the funeral), the Squadron held a memorial service, which was attended by nearly 120 persons, including representatives of many other organizations as well as past cadets.


The funeral service was attended by over 80 active Squadron personnel. A 20 person honour guard was formed outside the church and all cadets in attendance performed their assigned task with pride and dignity. Sergeant Hutchings certainly would have been proud.


At the grave side ceremony the Squadron, on behalf of the Air Cadet League of Canada, presented Mrs. Sheila Hutchings with the Air Cadet Ensign. Every member stopped at the foot of the coffin to render a hand salute. This parade of cadets lasted for over seven minutes. Pilots of the Oshawa Flying Club honoured Sgt. Hutchings with a fly past of Cessna 172’s, executing the Missing Man Formation.