F/O Hill Trophy

Don Hill Trophy

Established 1952

This trophy was presented in memory of the late Flying Officer Don Hill, Squadron Adjutant. He died quite suddenly as a result of polio. Until the creation of the Wing Commander Chadburn Trophy in 1996, this trophy represented the pinnacle of a cadet’s career with 151 Squadron. Even now, this annual trophy represents the cream of the cream.

This trophy is awarded annually to the cadet who makes the greatest contribution to the Squadron, and demonstrates the greatest level of proficiency and professionalism.

2024WO2 Emma Di Loreto
2013WO1 T. Smith
2012WO2 R. McIntosh
2011WO1 M.C. White
2010WO1 C. Jackson
2009WO1 M. Jubenville
2008WO1 D. Weigel
2007WO2 D. Weigel & WO2 D. Brosseau
2006WO2 J. Frackowiak
2005WO2 S. Mastroianni
2004WO2 C. Weaver
2003Warrant Officer A. Krasnay
2002WO2 J. Standeven
2001WO2 J. Hicks
2000Warrant Officer M. Devera
1999Flight Sergeant Andrew Leslie
1998Warrant Officer P. Murdoch
1997Flight Sergeant T. Devera
1996Warrant Officer D. Forbes
1995Warrant Officer G. Ogilvie
1994Warrant Officer C. Stimming
1993Sergeant I. DeCarlo
1992Warrant Officer S. Gates
1991Warrant Officer K. Pelletier
1990Warrant Officer R. Speiran
1989Warrant Officer R. Speiran
1988Warrant Officer R. Cryer
1987Flight Sergeant M. Larsen
1986Warrant Officer L. Morgan
1985Warrant Officer L. Morgan
1984Warrant Officer D. Moretta
1983Warrant Officer R. Brosseau
1982Warrant Officer S. Gooch
1981Flight Sergeant M. Lozer
1980Warrant Officer J. Dunfield
1979Warrant Officer M. Holland
1978Warrant Officer B. Weigel
1977Flight Sergeant G. Burns
1976Flight Sergeant D. Rowan
1975Warrant Officer D. Fletcher
1974Flight Sergeant J. Keller
1973Warrant Officer R. Gimblett
1972Warrant Officer T. Fletcher
1971Flight Sergeant N. Sheppard
1970Warrant Officer D. Burns
1969Warrant Officer W. Klinduch
1968Corporal B. Crystal
1967Warrant Officer R. Crystal
1966Sergeant T. Wiggans
1965Warrant Officer K. Anselstetter
1964Warrant Officer R. Marsh
1963Warrant Officer T. Dittmar
1962Flight Sergeant J. Vanderende
1961Sergeant T. McRae
1960Flight Sergeant N. Bohaker
Warrant Officer L. Gallagher
1959Warrant Officer D. Jeyes
1958Sergeant K. Smith
1957Warrant Officer W. Winter
1956Sergeant D. Halliday
1955Flight Sergeant B. Ryan
1954Flight Sergeant B. Snowden
1953Warrant Officer J. Steffan
1952Warrant Officer G. Shortt