Douglas Kerr Trophy

Douglas S. Kerr Award

(established 1987)

This trophy was instated by Mrs. Sheila Kerr, who named the trophy in honour of her husband. Douglas Kerr, a local Oshawa businessman, who was an original patron of the Squadron’s band programme. He understands the value of hard work and persistence. This trophy reflects the dedication and hard work required to master the art of the military bandsman.

This award is presented annually to bandsman gauged to be most proficient.


2016 Flight Sergeant C. Abraham Trumpet
2015 Flight Sergeant N. Gagnon Snare
2014 Flight Sergeant S. Sheppard Clarinet
2013 Flight Sergeant D. Chandler Saxophone
2012 Flight Sergeant R. Manders Flute
2011 Sergeant Wensing Trumpet
2010 Flight Sergeant Tan Trumpet
2009 Flight Sergeant R. Graham Trombone
2008 Warrant Officer 2nd Class M.Jubenville Clarinet
2007 Warrant Officer 2nd Class D. Weigel Trumpet
2006 Sergeant M. Mastroianni Drums
2005 Flight Sergeant M. Vance Clarinet
2004 Sergeant M. Lewis Drums
2003 Sergeant D. McAdam Clarinet
2002 Warrant Officer 2nd Class L. Armstrong Trumpet
2001 Corporal C. Weaver Clarinet
Leading Air Cadet B. Nadeau-Nantel Drums
2000 Corporal L. Armstrong Trumpet
1999 Sergeant T. Mccarthy Piccolo
1998 Corporal M. Stykes Clarinet
1997 Sergeant J. Bridgewater Trumpet
1996 Sergeant R. Najbor Trumpet
1995 Flight Sergeant D. Forbes Trumpet
1994 Flight Sergeant W. Roberts Trumpet
1993 Corporal R. Brear Bagpipe
1992 Corporal I. DeCarlo Drums
1991 Warrant Officer K. Pelletier Saxophone
1990 Corporal H. Gilbank Flute
1989 Corporal M. Charland Clarinet
1988 Warrant Officer R. Cryer Trumpet
1987 Flight Sergeant P. DeSousa Drums