The Dispatch, Issue # 7, Week of Oct. 30, 2016

The Dispatch, Issue # 7, Week of Oct. 30, 2016


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Issue 7

Week of Oct. 30, 2016

This Year is Our 75th Anniversary 



Each year the Air Cadet League holds an annual general meeting for all the civilian members of the provincial air cadet organization. Each squadron is also invited and encouraged to bring  to the meeting members of its local civilian sponsoring committee as well as squadron officers and civilian staff. The main purpose of the meeting is to not only elect civilian members within the league organization but it is also an opportunity for the Ontario Provincial Committee to announce the winners of the many trophies and awards that are available to local committees and squadrons.

We are very excited to report that 151 Chadburn Squadron was awarded the Dr. George Westman Proficiency Shield as the BEST AIR CADET SQUADRON IN ONTARIO. This trophy was established in 1956  and 151 Squadron has now won this award 8 times. A record of achievement that has not been equalled by any other squadron in the province.

In past years squadrons who were recipients of this award were automatically entered into competition for national awards. As a result of previous competitions our Squadron was in 1971 awarded The RCAFA Trophy as top Air Cadet squadron in Canada and in 1983 it was awarded the Sword of Honour as the number two squadron in Canada.

Unfortunately these national  awards have now been discontinued and therefor this is the highest award we can receive.

The photos that follow show some members of the squadron who attended the meeting with the trophy and Lieutenant Colonel Evans who is the Commander of all cadets in Central Region. The bottom photos show Major Bliss presenting the trophy to the Squadron Warrant Officer and the senior cadets who were all very excited to see the honours that they had received.


clip_image004 clip_image005

Before the evening dinner where the Squadron was presented the Westman Shield, the afternoon luncheon saw last year’s Squadron Warrant Officer Emma Flanagan-Dellipizzi receive the Alex Allan Memorial Shield as the top Ontario Selection for the International Air Cadet Exchange program.

It was also very nice when the National President of the Air cadet League called LCol Ret’d Ted Gilbank and Major Garry Burns to the podium where he presented them with a President’s Medallion for their service to the cadet program.

As a point of interest, Major Burns is currently the Commanding Officer of 2 Vandenbos Squadron in Whitby.  He is also a former Squadron Warrant Officer and Commanding Officer of Chadburn Squadron

clip_image006 clip_image007

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Tri-Service Cadet Dinner and Dance

Chadburn Squadron has hosted the Tri-Service dinner and dance for over 30 years now. A fantastic evening where all Army, Air and Sea Cadets in Durham region are invited for a catered dinner and dance with a professional DJ and door prizes. For cadets who may not have attended a Tri Service Dance we have included some photos from past years. This year’s dance will be on Friday, December 9th and tickets are available on Monday night after closing from 2Lt Di Loreto for $25 each.

clip_image010 clip_image011  clip_image012



Officer Promotion


This week the CO was pleased to promote Officer Cadet Di Loreto to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Winter Clothing Collection

As I mentioned last week on closing parade, we will be having a winter clothing donation collection Monday night.  There will be boxes at the school for you to donate any winter clothing to the Rotary Club for distribution to less fortunate students and their families in Oshawa.  Please check your closets and bring in what you can spare.

Presentation of Guidon Ribbons

Visitors to our squadron will see that each of the flights on parade have a flight guidon which is carried by the right marker.  The use of the guidon is to promote a spirit of competition and pride amongst the different flights in our squadron.

This past Monday, the awarding of competition streamers was started.  Flight One received the streamers for Fall Tag Day and Achievements, while Flight Two received the streamer for selling the most Lottery Tickets to date.  There will be other streamers awarded over the coming weeks.  Remember that it takes the efforts of all of the cadets in a flight to make it successful.


Important Future Cadet Activities

Remember the complete list of the squadron’s activities can be found on the Squadron’s website under the heading “calendar”









Poppy Campaign

Legion Branch 637




Remembrance Day


Sat -Sun

12 – 13


Outdoor Training

Ganaraska Forest Ctr.




Tri Service Dance

Lviv Ukranian Hall

Members of the Glassy Boot Society

WO 1 C.Abraham





WO2 A.Carson

F/Sgt. F.Chandler

F/Sgt T.Talhouk

F/Sgt D.Lloyd







Thoughts from the Elliptical

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I wrote.  A bit of a communication hiccup last week sent  the dispatch out before it was ready.  As much as we try to avoid these things, sometimes they happen.

I was honoured to be able to accept the Westman Shield on behalf of the cadets and staff last weekend.  As much as we believe the answer to our closing parade question every week, it is nice to have the efforts of everyone recognized by both the military and civilian partners that make up the Air Cadet Program.  Congratulations to all. 

I had a bit of a chuckle when a friend of my mother saw my post on Facebook earlier this week.  There were several comments of congratulations aimed at the Squadron and then there was one from my brother “BZ” was all it said.  Now, my brother grew up as a member of 1913 Army Cadets in Oshawa, he went on to serve 37 years in the Royal Canadian Navy and like all siblings, there is a bit of rivalry. (We do however celebrate each other’s successes).  My mom’s friend quickly sent me a private message asking what she had missed and why he had sent such a message (thinking perhaps that BZ meant something a little less polite).  I had to explain to her that BZ or Bravo Zulu is an old Navy term which has been adopted by many in all services of the military meaning “Job Well Done”. Pretty good praise for you all to be proud of. 

I would like to thank Mr. Dave Brooks and the members of the Rotary Club of Oshawa for their continued support to make this possible.  I would also like to thank Captain Karl Muehlgassner and the other staff at Regional Cadet Support Unit Central, Trenton Detachment for his advice when required and everything else they do to make our jobs easier. 

I would like to remind everyone that when we make commitments to do a certain duty or to be at a specific place, that people are relying on us to be able to accomplish a specific mission.  The mission this weekend was to help the Royal Canadian Legion sell poppies.  Unfortunately, over half of the cadets who had committed for Saturday morning were no-shows and almost as many today did the same thing.  It is embarrassing for the largest cadet unit in Oshawa to come up short in a very important commitment like this.  We have two days next weekend to try to make this better.  Please sign up and don’t forget to show up and give it your best effort to support our veterans.  Just as a small note for all you more experienced cadets, I went with the recruits to gliding today (which was unfortunately rained out), all thirty recruits were at the hall on time, and they all had their required Health Card with them.  The bus left the hall 10 minutes after the reporting time of the cadets.  Sometimes we can learn something from those less experienced. 

I would like to offer my congratulations to both Major Ian Howie and Major Garry Burns.  Both are former cadets and officers of 151 Squadron and on Friday night celebrated the Change of Command from Howie to Burns of 2 Vandenbos Squadron in Whitby.  This was Major Howie’s second very successful term as CO there and we welcome Major Burns to the neighborhood. 

I had the pleasure of meeting a Squadron Alumnus today at the Legion as our cadets were tagging.  He came in and mentioned that he had told our cadets that he had been a member of the Squadron many years ago.  He had asked the cadets if we still had a Cadet of the Month award, they told him that we now reward a Cadet of the Week. He mentioned to me that he had been awarded with this back in 1961.  When I had a bit of a break I went back to the Hall and had a look at some plaques that are still on the wall in the Administration office.  Sure enough, M. Childerhose in March of 1961 was there.  I find it pretty cool when I can talk to someone who was a member before I was born and remembers some of the faces that we still see on a weekly basis helping out.

For those alumni reading this, I would like to remind you all to join our Facebook page ( 151 Chadburn Squadron 75th Anniversary )  for the 75th Anniversary.  Planning is  moving along for our Annual Inspection and Reunion next June.  If you are interested in helping our team do this up right, please contact Lt. Mastroianni at

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week

Major Bliss

Our 75th Anniversary

Memories from Our Past


No one today knows the squadron officer in this photo and the affect that he had on the history of our squadron. He was known officially as F/O Jack Houston but to all of us he was Housty and he had a profound effect on the history, tradition and successes of our squadron. To a group of young inexperienced officers and cadets he brought to our squadron the military atmosphere and protocols of the British Army.

Housty had a remarkable military resume. He originally spent 5 years before the war in the Palestine Police Force where he became fluent in Arabic. After this and before the war he joined the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guards where he did guard duty at the Tower of London and other Royal residences. At the start of the war the guards regiment was driven out of Norway by the Germans and Housty and his regiment were then assigned to the Eighth Army in North Africa. He eventually went on to Sicily, Italy and then on to France and Germany.  He later emigrated to Canada and somehow our squadron found him and enrolled him in the Royal Canadian Air Force. His son John also joined the Squadron and eventually became the Squadron WO.

Few today know or understand the profound effect that this individual had on all of us and the success of this squadron.  He arrived at a time when a group of young officers filled with enthusiasm but totally lacking real military experience were trying to build a successful and professional cadet unit. Those who were in the cadet program then remember him telling us all how unprofessional we were when it came to military protocol.

Today the Glassy Boot Award is probably the one activity that cadets and staff could look back on and understand that the concept came from the dress, deportment and professionalism that was expected from members of the British Army and in particular the 2nd Battalion of the Scots Guards.

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