The Dispatch, Issue # 31, Week of May 15, 2016

The Dispatch, Issue # 31, Week of May 15, 2016


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Issue # 31

Week of May 15, 2016

Do Not Forget!!

The Annual Inspection of 151 Squadron

Wednesday May 18, “The Legends Centre” Parade Starts at 8 PM

All are welcome to attend this the most important activity of the cadet year.

Cadets are to report to the North Parking Lot of the Legends Centre between 6:30 and 6:45 pm.


Our Reviewing Officer

LCol David Forbes


LCol Forbes is a helicopter pilot in the Canadian Forces and a former Squadron Warrant Officer with 151 Squadron.

A complete biography of his activities in the Forces including his service in Afghanistan and the disaster in the Philippines is included as part of our annual inspection program.

Year End trip – Sudbury

All of the cadets who signed up for the Year-End Trip will be attending.  Everyone should have received a phone call this weekend letting them know the amount owing for their trip.  Just a reminder, 10% of all cadet’s tagging totals will be used against the price of the trip.  This amount has been rounded to the nearest $5.00. 

Payment for the trip is due on Monday night.  Please come into the arena when you drop your cadet off to make payment, a table will be set up in the lobby.  Please have patience as there are quite a few people to process and the permission forms need to be signed and receipts issued for payment. If you are paying by cash, please have the exact amount available to speed the process up. 

A packing list with bus timings will also be provided at this time. 

We have had a few people cancel today, If anybody would still like to sign up for the trip, please register on Signup Genius at


A Special Guest – Captain David Brosseau

One of the Squadron’s former cadet warrant officers Capt. David Brosseau dropped in for a visit at last week’s annual inspection practice at Harman Park Arena. David is a graduate of Royal Military College in Kingston and  he has just graduated from the Canadian Forces F18 fighter training program at CFB Cold Lake Alberta. He is currently on his way to his first posting as a fighter pilot in Bagotville Quebec. David had the opportunity to talk to all the cadets and remind them of all the positive experiences that cadets can gain from participation in the cadet program.



Promotion to the rank of Flight Sergeant


Congratulations FSgt F. Chandler

Future Cadet Activities










Annual Inspection

Legends Centre

2000 hrs   








Current Members of the Glassy Boot Society


E. Boyden


R. Barton


B. Medina


A. Lloyd


M. Singh


A. Carson


E. Dellipizzi

Sgt F.Chandler

Sgt J.Hancock

Sgt J.Hancock


H. Kennedy


M. Anthony


R. Sealy


T. Talhouk


B. Wardell


N. Rabjohn


J. Perreria


R. Swanton


A .Bone


  C. Abraham


K. Espe


S. Mahadeo


M. Annis




S. Dewes




S. Baldasaro


S. Goss


Z. Hamilton


M. Garriock



Year End Dance 420 Wing RCAFA

The final cadet dance of the training year was held this past Friday evening. Everyone who showed up had a great time.  Thanks to our resident DJ

Mr. Lysyk and to FSgt Davies and her team for the great decorations and organization.  These events take quite a bit of work to run, from the set up to the ordering and picking up of the very popular pizza, to the cleanup at the end.  Great Job everyone.


clip_image009 clip_image010


Thoughts From the Treadmill

As the clock counts down to the final parade of the year, so many things come to mind that should be said and unfortunately there isn’t the space to say them all individually.  I know it may seem like I talk about the staff and their commitment to this fine organization a lot, but in comparison to the amount of time and effort they all put in to making this thing we do a success, I feel like I don’t thank them nearly enough.  I could fill pages with individual stories of all the things that get done on a daily and weekly basis, long hours spent making sure things are just right seem to come naturally to the staff and volunteers of the Squadron.  Squeezing in a phone call on a lunch break or in between appointments to finalize some detail that otherwise might be overlooked are the norm for these people, I don’t really know how previous generations managed to run without the texting, cell phone calling and emailing that we all take for granted, but we sure do burn up the airways at times.  A bit long winded, but at the end, a huge thank you from me to each and every staff member and volunteer that gives so freely of their time.

I just received the latest Achievement totals from Mr. Biffin who puts in many hours a week making sure cadets are credited with the proper attendance,  and as I was looking through them, I thought it would be interesting to see if we could actually say how many activities or achievements would be possible to get if a cadet were physically able to attend each activity (and each shift of some of the activities).  Well it didn’t take long for the answer to come back at 275 individually tracked activities or shifts where a point could be awarded.  Some of these are one cadet a week points like the “Cadet of the Week”, others are freebies where every cadet should be getting them (Monday night parades).  Needless to say though, as many of these points are awarded for overlapping activities, it is not possible to max out the points.  A very special mention should be made to Warrant Officer Carson for reaching the very impressive count of 175 achievements, a true reflection of her dedication to and love of the program.  BZ

I would like to offer my congratulations to another former cadet of the Squadron who has fought long and hard to make a dream come true.  Lieutenant David Pitre received his pilot’s wings this week after the long process and training he has undergone.  He will be making his way to CFB Petawawa near Ottawa to fly the CH-147F Chinook Helicopter as part of 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron.  This helicopter truly is an amazing piece of machinery and I am sure that Lt. Pitre will in time have some awesome stories to share with the Squadron.  Just another example of setting your sights on a goal and not giving up until you reach that goal. 

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week

                                                                                                                                                            Major Bliss

Aviation Photo of the Week

CH-147F Chinook


450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, under the command of 1 Wing Kingston, Ont., and based in Petawawa, Ont., was re-established as the home of Canada’s fleet of 15 CH-147F Chinooks. These impressive workhorse helicopters are dramatically improved compared to the earlier models operated in the 1970s and 1980s and include a full range of leading-edge systems to permit them to operate effectively in a modern theatre of operations.

The CH-147F Chinook is an advanced, multi-mission, medium to heavy-lift helicopter. Its primary mission is the tactical transport of equipment and personnel during domestic or deployed operations. The Chinooks have been modified to meet requirements for operating with maximum effectiveness in Canada and on Canadian operations, including an increased internal fuel capacity that allows it to fly twice as far as previous models.

Domestic roles for the F-model Chinooks focus on providing logistical or mobility support to the Canadian Army and Special Operations Forces, other Government departments, law enforcement agencies and other civil authorities. They also provide a vital capability to respond to humanitarian emergencies or natural disasters. The versatility, impressive capacity and extended range of the Chinook make it ideal for operations in Canada’s vast territory and demanding environment.

Helicopter forces are also vital to supporting military operations in complex deployed environments. The new Chinooks have an enhanced self-protection capability, including advanced anti-missile protection systems, radar and laser warning systems, ballistic protection, self-defence machine guns and advanced electro-optical and infra-red sensors to detect potential threats and assist aircrew in operating in reduced visibility conditions.

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