The Dispatch, Issue # 21, 12 February, 2012

The Dispatch, Issue # 21, 12 February, 2012




Dispatch Issue # 21

Week of February 12, 2012



Cadets of the Week


Meet Our Guest Speakers


For the annual Cadet Mess Dinner on March 4


At this year’s mess dinner there will be not one guest speaker but two. The speaker on the left is actually Cate Wagstaffe a former warrant officer in the Squadron who is now specializing in Maritime Archaeology and as such she has been on professional dive operations in many different locations around world.  The second speaker is another former warrant officer now Officer Cadet David Brosseau who will be graduating from Royal Military College this spring. Make sure you get your ticket to our dinner as it will be a great opportunity to meet the Squadron’s staff and cadets and hear firsthand about the many opportunities available to youth through the air cadet program.


clip_image003     clip_image004

Warrant Officer Graduation


It is customary in the Squadron that once a warrant officer  ages out  the Squadron presents them with an engraved mug as well as certificates listing all of their accomplishments as cadets. This past week two of the Squadron’s warrant officers reached this milestone and graduated from the cadet program. They are pictured  here along with the Squadron’s officers and the current Squadron warrant officers.



Valentine Dance 420 Wing


The Wing was packed last Friday evening when 151 and 2 Vandenbos held our annual  Valentine dance. Being an air cadet is not just all classes, uniforms and parades it is actually a fun place to be. Not only are there dances, in fact there are no less than 5 each year but there are also sports, roller skating at the Coachlite Gardens, dinners and other social activities.



Royal Order of the Glassy Boot


Honorable Members

#1 Flight

F/Sgt C. Barton, F/Sgt M. Murphy, LAC F. Achan, Sgt. A. Boyden, F/Cpl D. Chandler, Cpl C. Zdebiak, Cpl R. Barton

# 2 Flight

F/Sgt H. Whitney, F/Sgt M. Lysyk, Sgt. K. Katzer, Cpl T.J. Malette, Cpl. J. Ehrt,

Sgt B. Jackson, Cpl. Dellipiz

# 3 Flight

F/Sgt J. Bauer, Sgt. A. Hembruff, Sgt B. Mogosh, Cpl B.Kennedy

# 4 Flight

F/Sgt M.Moroz, Cpl M. Wood, Sgt S. Schuldis, F/Cpl V.NcNaught, Cpl Medina

# 5 Flight

F/Cpl  C. Barratt, F/Cpl  J. Shaw

Band Flight

WO2 T. Smith

Head Quarters Staff

WO 1 M.C.White, F/Sgt T. Neill, S/Sgt P. Lysyk, F/Sgt R. Manders, Sgt P.McQuillan, WO11 C. Williams


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Aviation Photo of The Week

A close call for the Snowbirds


It was a close call for the Snowbirds at the Reno Nevada air races on 21 December 2011 when a Thunder Mustang  a custom-built replica of a P-51  crashed close to their parked A/C. A Thunder Mustang is about 2/3 the size of the real one with a V 12 engine. Thankfully the pilot came out of it without any really serious injuries.








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