The Dispatch, Issue # 16, Week of Feb 19, 2017

The Dispatch, Issue # 16, Week of Feb 19, 2017


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Issue # 16

Week of Feb 19, 2017

This is our 75 Anniversary


Cadet of the Week


Roller Skating

Please remember as Monday is Family Day there will be no regular cadet parade at the school,

instead there will be roller skating at Coachlite Gardens.  There is a canteen at the roller rink, please be aware that the prices are quite a bit higher than what we charge at the Squadron, please keep this in mind for spending money.  Roller Skate rental is free, if you want to rent roller blades, you will have to pay $2.00.  You are welcome to bring your own roller skates/blades (please make sure you take them home with you at the end of the night)

Final Recruit Course!

Remember it Starts Monday February 27th

If readers know of an cadet age youth that may be interested in joining the Squadron, please let them know.

The course introduction will be in Rotary Hall at 7:30 pm on Monday February 27.

Attendees are reminded that they should park at Village Union School and not in our driveway. 

Wing Rib Building – Level 1 Cadets

With The Recreational Aircraft Association


Members of the RAA were at the hall on Monday evening to help our junior cadets construct aircraft wing ribs.

This not only gets RAA members out assisting youth but it also helps to give our junior cadets a chance to be involved with a practical

hands on aviation project. It may sound like a simple concept but the shape of a aircraft wing is the basis of how it generates generates lift,

which in turn coupled with whatever form of thrust you have, allows an aircraft to fly.

In the weeks ahead, cadets through their aviation classes can expect to get a closer look and understanding how the special shape of a wing actually generates lift.

For those who may be interested the Swiss mathematician and physicist Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782) discovered the principle that bears his name.

The squadron would like to extend our thanks to the members of the RAA who took the time to come to our hall and assist our cadets with this interesting project.


clip_image005 clip_image006


The Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

WO 1 C.Abraham





WO2 A.Carson

F/Sgt. F.Chandler

F/Sgt T.Talhouk










D. Buller




E. Boyden






S. Mahadeo









Sgt N.Rabjohn



F/Sgt S.Mastroianni

Important Future Cadet Activities









Squadron Mess Dinner

Lviv Ukranian Hall


7 – 9


Leadership Course

Senior NCO’s

CFB Trenton





CFB Mountainview




Band and Drill Comp



27- 30


Tag days


Sat – Sun

6 – 7


Nat. Marksmanship


Thurs- Mon

18- 22


Year End Trip





Annual Inspection

Legends Centre





CFB Mountainview

Thoughts from the Elliptical

I had to work overnight last night.  I missed the departure of our cadets and staff who were heading off to the ski hill this morning.  After my “try to get back into a normal routine” nap this afternoon, they had already returned and all gone home.  I won’t say I missed the day of skiing, it really isn’t my cup of tea (especially after an ill-advised agreement one year to “follow me” to a DCO that will go unnamed).  I do miss the chance to hang out and chat with the cadets on a day when they are having so much fun.  It is amazing sometimes how a different atmosphere from the regular Monday night parade square time I get to spend with the cadets opens up the lines of communication.  Well as the CO, when I get the text that all cadets have left the cadet hall on time and that there were no injuries to report, I can let out a sigh of relief and get on with the rest of my day.  Just a quick thank you to the staff who attended the day, and those who drove their own vehicles so we would have an “emergency vehicle” if required.  Another activity that can’t happen without a bunch of people giving up part of their weekend to supervise.

It has been a hectic week of planning and paperwork, trying to get all of our ducks in a row for the Year End Trip, which this year doesn’t actually happen after the end of the year.  We will be having our trip on the long weekend in May, (I’ll wait until the final authorization comes in to tell you where we are going), but will come back for a couple more weeks so that we can then have our Annual Ceremonial Review on June 3rd.  As I have mentioned before, this is our 75th anniversary celebration and we are hoping that we will have a lot of alumni in attendance for not only the Annual Inspection, but also an open house and meet and greet on the weekend. 

I know a lot of our cadets are applying for different opportunities at this time of year, whether it is the military, university or summer job, if you need me to act as a reference or to do up a letter for your application, please give me as much notice as possible.  If it is a letter you require, please write me a note and let me know the details of your application so I can write a letter geared towards your application. If you are looking for community service sheets to be signed, don’t come up to me at 2210 on a Monday night on the parade square when we are trying to get everyone out of the gym.  I need to have the opportunity to look at the sheets and sign them properly. 

Our cadets were supposed to be competing in a zone marksmanship competition next weekend, earlier this week though a directive came out of Ottawa that we (the cadet system) was to cut out discretionary spending until the new fiscal year (the military’s fiscal year is from April 1 until March 31).  We are hoping that this will have very little impact on our operations and that once April 1st rolls around it will be business as usual.  This is not an unprecedented happening and we have made it through in the past, we will manage this time as well.  We will do our best to provide as much notice of any cancellations due to this order, I don’t see it impacting our day to day operations though. 

Starting next week, tickets for the annual cadet mess dinner will go on sale.  Captain Brosseau has the tickets printed and more details will come out in the next Dispatch.  Captain Weigel has lined up a guest speaker that sounds very interesting, I am sure it will be a great night.   The dinner this year will be held at the Lviv Hall on March 26th

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week

Major Bliss

Our 75th Anniversary Photos

This week we have two replies to previous 75th Anniversary photos. The first is a 1975 Trenton summer camp photo from George Moorecroft in Wisconsin USA

whose photo we featured in a previous edition. By the way, George is the cadet wearing glasses in back row. The second reply is an email from Grant Stonehouse who

attended the summer camp in 1953. It describes how his Interest in airplanes and flying sparked a lifelong career in aviation.



Below is a copy of an email we received regarding  the photo we posted of Grant perched on the back of fellow cadets at summer camp at RCAF Station Aylmer in 1953

Grant’s Email

“It’s a long story that started when I was about 3 years of age. Part of the airport was built on the northern half of my grandfather’s farm. So I watched them build it from the very first, also the practice landing strip  at Whitby, which was built on a neighboring farm to my Dad’s farm on the 401 So when I become old enough to join the Squadron I did’.

Grant’s Aviation Career

“My career was quite exciting, it began as bush pilot, low level survey pilot, instructor at Oshawa, flight check pilot in Ottawa. Spent 2 years in Nepal working for ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Flew in most of the countries in Africa, a year in Australia doing survey work with a Canso and in Canada, (PBY5A) and in Peru on survey flying a Casa. (Spanish built aircraft). 10 years with the Federal Government  flying a Skyvan on survey. Flew Twin Otters, DC-8, Norsemen, Beavers, many types of Cessna, Dehaviland Dash-7, (my favorite) Founding member of an aerial survey safety organization. Have been in 65 countries and crossed the equator 14 times in one year. While in Africa I flew with covert operation funded by the CIA, (exciting work).  We called it the Ghost Airline!


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