The Dispatch, Issue # 14. Week of 11, 2011

The Dispatch, Issue # 14. Week of 11, 2011


Dispatch Issue # 14

Week of December 11, 2011


Cadets of the Week

Weekly Activity Schedule


Day Date Month Activity Location Time
Sun 11 Dec
Mon 12  


Training Parade Central Collegiate 1900 – 2200 hrs
Mon 12  


New Recruit Course Squadron HQ 1845 – 2100 hrs
Tues 13  


Flying Scholarship Durham College 1900 – 2130 hrs
Wed 14  


Drill Team Practice  

Squadron HQ


1900 – 2130 hrs

Thurs 15  


Band Practice  

Squadron HQ


1900 – 2130 hrs

Fri 16  


Sports Parade  

Central Collegiate


1830 – 2030 hrs

Sat 17  


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Friday Evening Sports Parade 



This photo was taken on Friday evening at the sports parade. Cadets who attend have an evening where they can just play  basketball, floor hockey, dodge ball, and  volleyball just for the fun of playing ball. We hope that other cadets who have not been coming out will give it a try. It is only 2 hours and a great place to unwind after a week of school. Although competition teams are selected from the cadets who attend it is still a fun evening and anyone no matter what their skill level can come out and just play ball.


Poinsettia Fund Raising Program

We would like to thank all those who participated in the Squadron’s Poinsettia Fund Raising program. In the three weeks that this activity has been in operation the Squadron has sold $4600 worth of plants. It has been an impressive achievement in such a short period of time and the funds generated will be put towards future Squadron activities. Special thanks must go to Mrs. Hurley for taking the initiative and spear heading this new and rewarding activity.


The Air Cadet League of Canada

Announces a Partnership with the Canadian Space Agency

The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) is pleased to announce that a memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed with The Canadian Space Agency (CSA). This signing is a significant step to continue to work together to encourage young people to choose careers in aviation and aerospace. This agreement means that CSA will support the current Air Cadet training programs by providing subject matter expertise to the development of space-focused learning products through the Air cadet League. Access to CSA’s material will complement and enrich the already popular Air Cadet Program “Elements on Space”.

Royal Order of the Glassy Boot


Honourable Members

1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight Band Flight
F/Sgt. R. Barton

F/Sgt M. Murphy

F/Sgt H. Whitney

F/Sgt. M. Lysyk

F/Sgt J. Bauer F/Sgt M. Moroz WO 2 T. Smith
LAC F. Achan

Sgt. C. Tan

Sgt. A. Boyden

F/Cpl. D.Chandler

Cpl B. Zdebiak

Sgt K.Katzer

Cpl T.J Malette

Cpl J. Ehrt

Sgt. B. Jackson

F/Cpl A. Hembruff

Sgt B. McGosh

Cpl M. Wood

Sgt. S. Schuldis


Head Quarters Staff

WO 1 M.C. White F/Sgt. T. Neill F/Sgt P. Lysyk F/Sgt R. Manders Sgt. P. McQuillan


Aviation Photo of The Week

Watch Boeing Make a New Plane for South West Air


A time lapse photography look at the manufacture of a new aircraft from start to finish

Click Here


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