The Dispatch, Issue # 12, Week of Nov. 27, 2011

The Dispatch, Issue # 12, Week of Nov. 27, 2011


Dispatch Issue # 12

 Week of Nov 27, 2011

 Cadets of the Week


 Paul Bawden Shoot

This year the Bawden invitational air rifle shoot was held this past weekend in the Guelph Armouries. Out of 125 cadets and 25 teams who were involved in the competition our team came in 5th overall and out of the 50 junior cadets our cadet picked up the award as the top junior cadet.

The five person team is shown here with the SWO.


 Lottery Tickets

We still have a number of the Air Cadet League lottery books outstanding. Cadets are reminded that the goal is to have all of our allotment of lottery tickets sold and back into the Squadron by Monday December 5.

If you are one of the cadets who still has tickets to sell  now is the time to get busy and get your allotment of tickets sold and back to the Squadron.

 Santa Arrives in Oshawa

Santa did arrive in Oshawa last week end and his sled and reindeer were led through the city by the Squadron’s band. The lighting along the parade route tends to limit ones chances of getting a good photo so here is a photo of the band warming up prior to the start of the parade.

 Tri Service Cadet Dance

 Remember December 2 is coming up fast so make sure you get your ticket at the parade tomorrow evening.

 Order Forms – Poinsettia Fund Raiser


 Families who would like to order Christmas Poinsettia flowers for the Christmas season should make sure that they bring in their order forms Tomorrow evening.

This is a great opportunity to help support the Squadron and its many activities as well as add colour and atmosphere to one’s home


 2012 Summer Training Update

 Applications for Summer Training is now CLOSED. The deadline was MONDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2011.

If you have completed an application, you will find this on the Chadburn website under this link.

If you don’t see your application or it doesn’t reflect the right camp selections, please send a note to with the corrections.

Please ensure the e-mail lists your name(last and first),  rank and the corrections required.

Cadets will be notified with any recommended changes to their course selections by December 5, 2011.

Any general questions may be forwarded to or asking one of the summer training coordinators.

 Boot Shining

These photos were taken last Wednesday at one of the Squadron’s boot shining parties. Yes a glassy boot certainly takes effort to achieve and even more effort to maintain the classic shine that is expected in the Squadron.To some it is a waste of time but to others it is a symbol of a cadet’s enthusiasm and his or her personal pride in their person and their blue uniform that is worn by air cadets across Canada.If you are a cadet and you have not made the chart below then you need to get busy on your boots and your uniform so that your fellow cadets and the public will recognize you as a sharp and inspiring example of a young person who is proud of his or her person and their role in the Canadian cadet program.

 Aviation Photo of The Week

 Farrenberg Airport Southern Germany


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