Fitness Assessment


One of the aims of the Canadian Cadet Movement is to promote physical fitness. We hold a Fitness or Sports Night at least once a month (click on the squadron’s activity calendar for full details – Squadron Activity Calendar).

A high standard of physical fitness is a requirement for many advanced training courses and exchanges.  To safely and effectively complete training, it is important that cadets be fit and healthy.  Before applying for certain courses and exchanges, cadets may be required to achieve a certain level on the Cadet Fitness Assessment. In addition, as part of our regular training program, Cadets MUST complete a fitness assessment to be eligible for promotion. The Lord Strathcona Medal is also based on personal fitness and requires Gold or Excellence in the Cadet Fitness Assessment.


Four levels may be achieved.  These include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Excellence.  Criteria for each level differs according to age and gender.

The CFA is composed of five evaluations, which are designed to evaluate cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility.  These tests include:

  • 20-meter shuttle run test (cardiovascular)
  • push-ups (muscular strength)
  • curl-ups (core strength)
  • back saver sit and reach (flexibility)
  • shoulder stretch (flexibility)


The overall incentive level is based on the level achieved in each section. The lowest incentive level of the push-ups, sit-ups, back saver sit and reach, and the shoulder stretch is dropped.

The overall incentive level is based on the lowest of the remaining four.

The levels are based on age and gender and are rated as Participated, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Excellence.

Reference Material:

  1.  Overview
  2. Annex A – Testing Sequence
  3. Annex A1 – Cardiovascular Component – 20m Shuttle Run Test
  4. Audio File – 20m Shuttle Run Test
  5. Annex A2 – Muscular Strength – The Curl Up
  6. Annex A3 – Muscular Strength – The Push-Up
  7. Audio File – Curl and Push Up
  8. Annex A4 – Muscular Flexibility – The Shoulder Stretch
  9. Annex A5 – Muscular Flexibility – Back-Saver Sit and Reach
  10. Annex B – Fitness Incentive Program
  11. Annex B1 – Level Standards – Male
  12. Annex B2 – Level Standards – Female
  13. Annex B3 – Fitness Assessment and Cadet Incentive Level Results
  14. Annex B4 – Fitness Assessment and Team Incentive Level Results

Dress: Appropriate & comfortable civilian sports attire

  • Squadron T-Shirt
  • Gym/Sports Shorts
  • Socks
  • Running Shoes
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle

(i.e. jeans wouldn’t be considered appropriate & neither would boots)