A main objective of the Air Cadet programme is to encourage a healthy life style. In accordance with policy from the Department of National Defence, the following policies are in effect at 151 Squadron:


In accordance with provincial legislation, cadets under the age of 16 are prohibited from possessing tobacco products, and cadets under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing tobacco products. While in uniform, no cadet will use tobacco products. Out of uniform, cadets of age, and with the concurrence of their parents and the officer-in-charge of the activity, may smoke in a designated zone, away from all other cadets. Those cadets in violation of this policy are subject to administrative action. Squadron Standing Orders IV-1.k)


Regardless of age, or local legislation, cadets are prohibited from purchasing, consuming or having alcohol in their possession while on cadet activities. Cadets who violate these policies will be immediately suspended from training, and are subject to further administrative action, including dismissal. Cadet Administrative & Training Order 13-23


Involvement by any Squadron member (staff or cadet) with illegal drugs, prohibited substances or drug-related paraphernalia will not be tolerated. Civilian and military police will be contacted and involved in the investigation. All personnel will be immediately suspended from training and are liable to be dismissed from the unit. Cadet Administrative & Training Order 13-23