The Dispatch Special Edition Part I, 26 May 2013

The Dispatch Special Edition Part I, 26 May 2013


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Special Edition

Part I

The Annual Inspection

151 Chadburn Squadron,

14 May 2013,

The Legend’s Centre, Oshawa

It is the tradition and a requirement in the Canadian cadet organization that every cadet unit will hold an annual inspection to demonstrate to the public and the community the level of training and proficiency that has been attained by a cadet unit during the fall and winter training program. As this is the culmination of a year of cadet training each unit usually invites a senior member of the Canadian Forces to be the units reviewing officer. Military officers are generally asked to fill this position but prominent members of the  community might also be asked to officiate at an annual inspection. 

Those who follow the Squadron’s activities know that our Squadron has a strong relationship with the cadets and staff of the Royal Air Force Cadets in England and this year  we were honoured to welcome as this years reviewing officer Wing Commander Brian Wills-Pope the commander of the Royal Air Force’s Devon and Somerset Cadet Wing which is located in South West England. W/C Wills-Pope came to Canada and spent some five days with the Squadron and staff. He not only attended functions with the squadron staff but he also dropped in at the squadron’s final cadet dance.

To have a reviewing officer out meeting and mixing with the cadets was a new experience for the squadron and one that made the annual inspection a memorable experience for all.



The Annual Inspection

Squadron Guests


The Inspection


The ceremonial march past following the inspection of the Squadron




Introduction to the Squadron’s Staff

clip_image010 clip_image011

Band and Drill Display

Squadron Band


Squadron Drill Team


Static Display of the Squadron’s many activities


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151 Chadburn Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

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