The Dispatch, Issue #7, Week of Oct. 20, 2013

The Dispatch, Issue #7, Week of Oct. 20, 2013


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Issue #7

Week of Oct. 20, 2013


Halloween Dance

Get Your Costume Ready, The Big Night is Friday October 25



Place: 420 Wing (South Side of the Oshawa Airport)

Time: 7:00pm – 11:59 pm (Please do not arrive early and please make sure you are picked up on time)

Theme: Halloween! Wear your (cadet-appropriate) costumes!!!

Cost: 2$ per cadet, 3$ per guest. Please remember only 1 guest is allowed per cadet. Guests who are not cadets must abide by all cadet rules.

Pizza will be sold for 1$ per slice and canteen will be sold at regular prices. Squadron dances are always a great time for everyone who comes, so make sure to mark it on your calendars!!!



The WAR OF 1812 PIN

So there is no doubt where this new pin should be worn we have included the following diagram which shows the correct location of this pin on the left breast pocket (it goes where the square 25 is)

We have also included a diagram of the pins that should be worn on the right breast pocket.

Check your uniform to make sure everything is in the right spot.

Left Breast Pocket                 Right Brest Pocket



Change of Command Parade

#2 Vandenbos Squadron, Whitby


Last Friday evening staff members of 151 squadron and a number of Squadron alumni attended the Change of Command Ceremony that was held in Whitby. Maj. Howie is no stranger to all of us as he was a cadet and an officer in our Squadron. This is actually his second term as commanding officer and due to the size of the Squadron he was promoted to the rank of major.

We all join in congratulating him on his promotion and wishing him well as he returns as the commanding officer of #2 Vandenbos Squadron.


Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

Honourable Members

F/Sgt K.Katzer, F/Sgt A.Boyden, Cpl F.Chandler, F/Sgt J.Shaw  F/Sgt S.Sheppard, F/Sgt A.Ford Williams, F/Sgt R. Bliss



The Unit Cadet Conflict Management Advisor (UCCMA) is a secondary duty charged with delivering the Positive Social Relations for Youth program and reporting all serious harassment and abuse issues in writing to the Commanding Officer and/or higher authorities. The CO and at least one other officer will be trained as a UCCMA. The Commanding Officer cannot act as the Advisor for a unit. 

2Lt. R. McAteer has been appointed as the advisor for 151 Squadron.  If you feel you have issues that need to be brought to the CO’s attention, please speak with 2Lt. McAteer.


Aviation Video Of the Week

This week we have an impressive video of an Airbus A380 one of the newest and largest passenger aircraft in the world going through an approach and landing at the San Francisco international airport .This was actually the first landing of an A380 in San Francisco. The video which has a little surprize at the end is a little longer than our usual videos but it is well done and it provides a fascinating look at how one gets this huge aircraft safely back on the ground.  For best results go “full screen” on your monitor. It will seem like you are in the cockpit.

Readers should know that one of our Squadron pilots Jason Beattie just happens to be an Air Canada Captain flying not the Airbus A380 but the Airbus A320. We were also fortunate several years ago to have the opportunity to spend a morning  flying Air Canada’s A320 full motion flight simulator. In the photo below you can see one of our cadets who was  concentrating on landing the their A320 on a runway in Montreal. By the way she did land the aircraft successfully.


clip_image014 clip_image015



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