The Dispatch, Issue 7, Oct 21, 2012

The Dispatch, Issue 7, Oct 21, 2012


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Issue # 7

Week of Oct. 21, 2012


Cadet of the Week

This week we not only have a cadet of the week but also a former cadet Master Cpl Scruton a member of the Ontario Regiment

who will be assisting with some of the Squadron’s special activities.


Do not forget the Halloween Dance Friday October 26th at the 420 Wing from 7:00pm – 11:59pm

Come dressed in your best Halloween Costume!

Prizes for best costumes will be awarded! The cost will be 2$ per cadet and 3$ per guest. Cadets are welcome to bring one guest, and should come prepared for a great night of dancing, games and fun! Cadets should also remember that dances are still a squadron activity, therefore they must wear cadet-appropriate clothing (i.e. no short shorts/skirts, no t-shirts with offensive language, no low necklines). If a cadet’s attire (even if it is a costume) is unacceptable, they will be asked to go home and change.


This week the Squadron announced the promotion of three new cadet warrant officers. This is an important step in their respective cadet careers and

we all join in wishing them well in their new positions.


Weekly Activity Schedule

Day Date Month Activity Location Time
Sun 21 Oct Field Training Ganaraska
Mon 22 Oct Training Parade Central Collegiate 1900 –2200 hrs
Mon 22 Oct Recruit Training Central Collegiate 1900 –2115  hrs
Tues 23 Oct Flying Scholarship Durham College 1900-2100 hrs
Wed 24 Oct
Thurs 25 Oct Band Practice Squadron HQ 1900 -2130 Hrs
Fri 26 Oct Halloween Dance 420 Wing 1900 – 2359hrs
Sat 27 Oct Poppy Campaign Legion Branch 637 0900 – 1200 hrs

The Guidons Have Arrived

It was mentioned last week that we were going to have an new addition to our weekly closing parade. As you can see in the photo each flight now has its own Guidon to carry on parade. It is certainly not new idea in the cadet organization as it was originally started at summer camp in 1972. The idea is to encourage each flight commander to inspire and encourage their individual flight in the various squadron activities such as sports, lottery ticket sales, glassy boot awards, attendance and achievements. As the program develops flights achieving high standards will be awarded streamers that can be attached to the Guidon. Flight commanders can also use the right marker position to recognize outstanding cadets in their flight.

Royal Order of the Glassy Boot


Honourable Members

F/Cpl Barton, Sgt. Hembruff, Cpl Milne, F/S Bauer, Sgt. Boyden, Sgt. Katzer, Cpl. Hancock, Sgt. Chandler WO2  Smith

Sgt Bliss, Sgt Mogosh

Thoughts from the Treadmill

It is hard to believe another week has already passed.  Getting time on the treadmill seems to be getting harder and harder, but the thoughts I would have had go something like this.

We had a great turnout for the ”Ganny”  briefing on Wednesday, and although the weather forecasts were all doom and gloom for the weekend, the rain held off and we were able to have another very successful training weekend.  The Tree Top Trekking adventure was well received by all and I can imagine more days of this challenging activity happening in the future.  The only bad point of the weekend was the 12 cadets who had signed up to attend who did not show up and who didn’t have the courtesy to inform their chain of command that they would not be there.  When this happens, it costs us not only time and aggravation, but also money.  The AWOL cadets will be docked achievement points for this.

Sports didn’t happen on Friday and an apology is warranted for the miss-communication that took place.  Sometimes we get so hung up on getting the message out we forget the basics of actually checking that what we are saying is really happening.   We attempt to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes these things slip through the cracks.

As I mentioned last week on parade, the Tri-Service Dance is approaching quickly.   Please mark your calendar with December 7th.  The price remains the same as previous years at $20.00 per ticket.  Cadets are allowed to bring one guest.  Tickets will go on sale on Monday night.

Please remember that the Poppy campaign starts for the Royal Canadian Legion next weekend and runs up until the 10th of November.  Please ensure that if you have signed up for a shift (or two) you attend.  The veterans depend on our support for this event. 

Have a great week.

Major Bliss

Aviation Photo of the Week

WWII Plane Discovered Preserved In The Sahara Desert


A World War II plane a British pilot crashed in the Sahara Desert has been found frozen in time 70 years later. The Kittyhawk P-40 is an aviation time capsule that has remained unseen and untouched since it crash-landed in June 1942. It is thought the pilot, believed to have been Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping (24), survived the crash and initially used his parachute for shelter before making a desperate and futile attempt to walk to safety.

The Mosquito – An email from England

In last week’s issue we included a photo of the only DeHaviland Mosquito flying anywhere in the world. Our photo brought this comment from one of our readers in England, Richard English. Richard is a former member of the Royal Air Force and a personal friend of Bob McMurtry a Squadron volunteer.

“Thank you so much Ted for your video it really did bring tears to my eyes. I have actually flown in one of these aircraft, it was the most exciting flight of my life. My father also flew these shortly after WWII”.

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