The Dispatch, Issue # 23, Week of April 13, 2015

The Dispatch, Issue # 23, Week of April 13, 2015


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Issue # 23

Week of April 13, 2015

Spring Tagging

Reminder on Spring Tagging – April 16 -19, cadets should have signed up for at least 2 tagging shifts.

Cadets should see Mr. Lloyd on Monday evening if they haven’t signed up.

Aeronca Project

Aeronca Project – We have added a page to the website under Summer Training for cadets to apply for this.

The application form is on the webpage. Cadets can talk to CI Biffin on Monday.

Summer Training Selections

Summer Training Selections – we will be publishing the selections on the squadrons website by this weekend.

Cadets will be given the offers Monday Evening by Lt Mastroianni or Mr. Glenn Weigel.


The Canadian International Military Tattoo

As most of you are aware, both the Squadron Band and Drill team have been invited to participate in this year’s Canadian International Military Tattoo in Hamilton on May 30th and 31st.  We are exploring the possibility of renting a bus and taking a large group of parents and supporters to one of the shows.  If you are interested in attending, please visit the following link and indicate which time slot you would be interested in attending.  (Unfortunately, you will have to enter each name separately).  Please note that at this time we are only exploring the possibility.  Once we have something firmed up we will do another sign up list.  I am hoping that we can keep the cost to $40.00 per person for both the bus and the admission ticket.

Cadet Activities










Cadet Training

Central Collegiate

1830 – 2200 hrs




Rifle Team Practice

Squadron HQ

1830 – 2130 hrs




Boot Shining

Squadron HQ

1900 – 2130 hrs




Competition  Band

Lviv Hall

1900 – 2130 hrs




Cadet Tagging

Assigned Location

1800 hrs




Drill Team

Central Collegiate

1900 – 2100 hrs




Cadet Tagging

Assigned Location

1800 hrs




Cadet Tagging

Assigned Location

0900 Hrs




Cadet Tagging

Assigned Location

1000 hrs

For details of the Squadron’s many activities please review the Squadron

calendar by following this link :

Cadet Familiarization Flying

Good news, after a rather long delay we are ready to start up our cadet flying program at the Oshawa Airport.

We will be posting a sign up list this week .



Easter Egg Hunt Oshawa Municipal Airport

Sponsored by The Airport Lions Club

One of the many opportunities a cadet has to earn community service hours is the Airport Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt. This year 25 cadets put out over 8000 eggs on the field in front of the Airport Terminal Building. It was a fun activity and the public had a great opportunity to meet an enthusiastic group of our air cadets.





Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

The following cadets have all been accepted as full members in the special and exclusive society

known  as the “Royal Order of the Glassy Boot.”


WO1 Bliss

WO2 Boyden

WO2 Hembruff

WO2 Lloyd, D

WO2 Shaw

WO2 Sheppard


FSgt Barton

FSgt Brandow

FSgt Dellipizzi

FSgt Gagnon

FSgt Katzer

FSgt Lloyd, A

FSgt O’Brien

FSgt Sam

FSgt Travis


Sgt Abraham

Sgt Annis

Sgt Carson

Sgt Davies

Sgt Hewett

Sgt Kennedy

Sgt Loyst

Sgt Mejia

Sgt Milne

FSgt Nemeth

Sgt Singh


FCpl Alleyne

FCpl Chandler

FCpl Hancock

FCpl Hayes

FCpl Katzer

FCpl Sealy

FCpl Talhouk

FCpl L. Mastroianni 

FCpl S. Mastroianni


Cpl Anthony

Cpl Garroick

Cpl Rabjohn

Cpl Goss


LAC Boyden

Cadets wishing to apply for membership must first be approved by the Squadron Warrant Officer,

then we will post their name here in our newsletter.


Up Coming Cadet Activities







Fund Raising (Tagging)

City of Oshawa



EOA Band Comp




Annual Inspection

Legends Center



Year End Trip

Kingston & Ottawa



Canadian International Military Tattoo



Thoughts From the Treadmill

As another extremely busy weekend draws to an end, I am once again humbled by the support and dedication of the staff I have working for the Squadron. I had the rare opportunity to be at the Squadron HQ three days in a row last week and once again saw the staff in action on behind the scenes stuff.  From the shooting team and the support they get to the drill team and boot shining that goes on and the band and preparation for a Ganny weekend and gliding day and then  summer camp work by three others,  I was able to see up close what so many parents never get an opportunity to experience.  A very dedicated group of officers and civilian staff showing what truly sets Chadburn Squadron apart from everyone else.

I showed up at Ganaraska on Saturday night in time for supper.  The leadership tasking’s and baseball were over for the day, and 31 senior cadets were laughing and sharing their thoughts of the day.  Once again the Squadron had been blessed by an unexpected change in the weather and the colour in the cadet’s faces was good to see after such a long winter.  As I went into the staff area, I was greeted by 13 staff members who had given up their weekend to make this another very successful training session for our cadets.  We are mandated to have one staff for every 15 cadets for normal activities, and one for every 10 on overnight activities.  One for every two and a half cadets is a pretty good ratio.  This is just another example of the motivation the staff has to see the cadets succeed.  Thanks to all of you who gave up your weekend for this.

As I am writing this, there are 33 cadets both gliding at Mountainview and visiting the RCAF Museum at CFB Trenton.  I was frustrated to learn that there were cadets that had to be turned away from the bus because they didn’t have their Ontario Health Card with them.  This not only delays the activity waiting for parents, but also discourages the cadets that can’t attend.  Please understand that there is NEVER a cadet activity where the cadets are not required to carry both their Health Cards and Squadron issued Identification Card.  We do not keep copies of the Health Card on file at the HQ and just knowing the number is not sufficient.  This is a military requirement for all cadet activities.  If your son or daughter has lost their Health Card, please make arrangements to replace it as soon as possible.  If we check on a Monday or other training night and they do not have their card, they will be sent home. 

I am pleased to announce that the shooting team finished a very respectable 8th overall in the Provincial Marksmanship Competition held at CFB Trenton this weekend.  All of the months of hard work and practicing have certainly paid off.  Congratulations to all of you.  With the end of the shooting season, we will shortly be conducting open marksmanship training.  This will allow cadets to both complete mandatory training, but also to attempt to earn a marksmanship badge for their uniform.  Please stay tuned for further information. 

As I mentioned earlier, I saw the Summer Camp team working away last week.  Offers for summer training will be made available this week to those cadets who have been selected.  Please note the dates carefully and if it comes about that you can’t attend for whatever reason, let us know ASAP.

Finally, next week is our annual spring tag day fund-raising weekend.  If you have signed up, please make sure you show up for your shifts.  You will all receive a reminder phone call on Wednesday and the fun all starts on Thursday.  Please give it your best effort and we will make this another successful weekend. 

That’s all for now.

Stay safe and have a great week.

Major Bliss


“Rules of the Air”

Some practical thoughts and comments regarding the world of flying and aviation.

“It’s always a good idea to keep the pointy end going forward as much as possible


Aviation Photo Of the Week

USS John C. Stennis United States Navy

The embarked air wing consists of eight to nine squadrons.

Attached aircraft are navy and marine F/A-18 Hornet, EA-6B Prowler, MH-60R, MH-60S, and E-2C Hawkeye.



Click on the  following link to see a video of life on board this amazing ship.


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