The Dispatch, Issue # 11, Week of Nov 17, 2013

The Dispatch, Issue # 11, Week of Nov 17, 2013


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Issue # 11

Week of Nov 17, 2013

The New Recruit Graduation parade will be held Monday evening at Central Collegiate at 9 PM.

This is an important evening for the Squadron, parents and family members are invited to attend.

Remember this Monday it is the last night to return Poinsettia order forms


Poppy Campaign Branch 637 Royal Canadian Legion

The Squadron along with Sea cadets, Army cadets and Navy League youth volunteered Saturday and Sunday mornings on three different weekends to help make Legion Branch 637’s Poppy campaign a great success. It was a  great opportunity for the cadets to get out and support our veterans and they all put in a maximum effort to make the program an emotional and rewarding experience.




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Remembrance Day Ceremony and Parade


The Remembrance Day Ceremonies lived up to expectations. As usual it was cold, it tried to rain and eventually it ended with a rain shower accompanied by cold gusty winds. As you can see from the photographs the Squadron turned out in force even though it was a school day. It was, despite the rain and the cold weather an impressive parade. This year our band and cadets had to compete not only with the weather but with the rumble coming  from a Sherman Tank which followed along behind the Squadron.

To add to the military and historical aspect of the parade the Ontario Regiment Museum at the airport brought out some of their more historic vehicles. The Sherman tank was just one of several historic vehicles that participated in the parade.








Extendicare Band Concert

It has been a Squadron tradition for many years to have the Squadron band play a special Remembrance Day Band Concert for the members of the Extendicare facility on Park Road North here in Oshawa. Unfortunately the space for the concert is always somewhat limited so normally the band would take only about 16 of the senior members to the concert. However this year more band members volunteered to come so rather than disappoint the cadets the Squadron agreed to enlarge the band. In the end there were  26 members of the band who came out to play for the residents.  It became one of the longest presentations ever and one of the most stirring and fun Extendicare concerts that we have ever presented.




Tri Service Cadet Dinner and Dance

Do not forget to pick up your tickets for the Tri Service Dance.  They are on sale at the school on Monday.

You do not want to miss this. It is the cadet social event of the year.



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Royal Order of the Glassy Boot

Honourable Members

F/Sgt K.Katzer, F/Sgt A.Boyden, Cpl F.Chandler, F/Sgt J.Shaw  F/Sgt S.Sheppard, F/Sgt A.Ford Williams, F/Sgt R. Bliss,

F/Sgt A.Hembruff, F/Cpl J.Hancock, Sgt R.Barton, F/Cpl C.Abraham, Sgt V.Singh, Cpl J.Hancock, F/Sgt C.Travis

F/Cpl B. Hewett, Sgt. J. Ehrt


Thoughts from the Treadmill

Another busy week is in the history books, and an exciting week is upon us.          

The Remembrance Day Parade was a great success, and I have received a lot of comments both thanking and commending Chadburn Squadron for the great showing.  Thank you to all who were able to participate.  The band did their now traditional Remembrance concert for the residents at Extendicare in Oshawa; this has become an annual event and is greatly anticipated by both the band members and the people who live at the home. We closed out Remembrance Day at the Squadron with Last Post and Reveille being played by our trumpeter. The rest of the week was the normal one activity a day schedule until Saturday when we had the recruits doing their uniform prep at the hall in the basement, the shooting team on the parade square getting a good long practice in and everyone wrapping up early enough to head off to the Christmas Parade at 1800.  We were once again in the position right in front of Santa Claus which is about as high profile as it gets, the drawback to that is waiting around for the 81 participants in front of us to leave before it was our turn.  It was great to see the spirit of the season taking hold of Oshawa, there weren’t too many empty spots along the parade route.             

We closed out the week today with the NCO course.  I had the privilege of instructing a lesson to the two flights, and although it was me doing most of the talking, it does give me a good feeling for the future of the Squadron, seeing cadets who are excited to be there and are actually interested in learning on a Sunday afternoon is a good thing.  Thanks again to all of the Staff and NCOs who are taking the time to make sure the course is taught properly.

The most exciting part for the coming week is the Recruit Graduation that will happen on Monday night. The young men and women who have been practicing their drill wearing our recruit “uniform” of black pants with a white shirt and black tie will parade on Monday for the first time in their cadet uniform.  They will be sworn in as cadets and start the next phase of their cadet careers.  We will have a special guest reviewing officer in Major G. Burns who has served two stints as the CO of Chadburn Squadron and is now the CO of 876 Squadron in Malvern.  Major Burns will have a special presentation to the Squadron. 

Please remember that Monday is the last night to bring in your poinsettia order forms and also that the Tri-Service dance tickets are on sale for $20.00 each.          

That’s all for now.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Week

Major Bliss


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