Special Edition–Summer Training–12 June 2014

Special Edition–Summer Training–12 June 2014


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Special Edition – Summer Training 2014

12 June 2014


Departure for the 2014 Summer Training Courses is fast approaching!

To Prepare for this cadets and parents are invited to a Departure Briefing on Monday June 16, 7-8 PM, Air Cadet Hall. This briefing is primarily for any cadet who is attending a course for the first time but all cadets are welcome, however seating will be limited.

Mr. Biffin will review the all of the information cadets and parents need to know prior to and on the morning of departure and be available for questions after the briefing.

Please go to our website for more details.


For cadets that will not be attending, here are the instructions prior to the departure morning  of Sunday July 6, time TBA, from the AMC Plaza in Whitby. :

  1. Download the departure checklist  which contains the kit list, forms and important facts. https://www.chadburn.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/2014-Summer-Training-Departure-Checklist.pdf?3fa059
  2. Review the Kit List and the changes around PT Gear. This year you will only be issued a tie-shirt on arrival at camp. You will have to provide the equivalent  of the PT gear issued on previous years. If cadets still have PT gear that fits it can be worn this year.  Please also review the restricted items not allowed at a summer training centre.
  3. Review the Joining Instructions for each Summer Training centre, plus the Master. This will answer most questions around a course and the location you are attending. Please note some of the joining instructions are from last year so the dates will not be accurate. https://www.chadburn.org/summer-training/joining-instructions-kit-list
  4. On the Morning of departure, please be dressed in your Summer Cadet Uniform (Wedge, Blue Shirt, Belt, Pants and Boots(highly polished). Please remove your name tag and rank skip-ons. Be There 50 Minutes ahead of the announced departure time. You will be given a call a week or two ahead to confirm this time. 
  5. Please have your Actual Health Card(no copies), Completed Cadet Transportation form, Completed Code of Conduct Form.
  6. You will be given a copy of your Summer Offer Letter which you must give to the Summer Training Centre on arrival.
  7. Send Mr. Biffin an e-mail if you have any questions. 151rcacs@gmail.com


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