Special Edition–Summer Training

Special Edition–Summer Training


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The Rotary Club of Oshawa 

Special Edition

2013 Summer Training

Departure for the 2013 Summer Training season is fast approaching. Cadets that have been selected need to start preparing by following the below steps:

1. Pick up your Summer PT Gear from Supply – June 6 and 17 have been set aside, from 7-9 PM, please go directly to supply. (If you joined cadets this year and have already been issued PT gear, please make sure it still fits). All cadets should be issued the following :

a. 1 pair of running shoes

b. 2 pairs of gray shorts

c. 2 dark blue t-shirts

d. 1 Tilley Hat

2. Download and print the Important Facts/Departure Checklist document from the website. https://www.chadburn.org/summer-training/prior-to-leaving-for-camp  This contains :

a. Kit List (only pack what is says No More), please read the restricted items page

b. Departure Date by Course

c. Link to the Transportation Orders webpage

d. Links to the training centre Joining Instructions webpage

e. Important Forms

3. Attend the Departure Briefing on Monday June 17, 7-8 PM. This is intended for cadets attending camp for the first time but all cadets are welcome. Space will be limited.

4. Pack your Kit Bag: The kit list is contained in the Important Facts document listed above. If you haven’t been selected for camp yet I would suggest packing a bag just in case. Selections can go right up to July 8 and potentially a few days after the courses start.

5. Complete the Mandatory Forms:  As mentioned in Point 2.

a. Rules of Conduct Form

b. Cadet Transportation Form (your ticket to board the bus on the morning of departure)

6. Check the website and special additions of the Dispatch for your departure times.  https://www.chadburn.org/summer-training/transportation-instructions  Mr. Biffin will be calling every cadet prior to departure to ensure you know the times.

a. Staff/Glider/Power – Sunday June 30 – Time TBA (morning)

b. All other Courses – Sunday July 7 – Time TBA (morning)