News Update September 24 2018

News Update September 24 2018

Reminder to all cadets, parents, and caregivers


We are still accepting recruits! Monday night is the first training night at Rotary Hall. If you know someone who is interested please pass along these details. The registration package can be found here. Staff will be at the hall for 6:30 pm and recruit training will begin at 6:45 pm and finish at 9:15 pm.

Tag Day Fundraising

Starting on Thursday, September 27th, the cadets of Chadburn Squadron will once again be participating in our fall Tag Days. We would like to remind cadets and parents that one of the requirements of membership in the Squadron is active participation in our fundraising activities. The expected minimum number of shifts for Flight Corporals and below is two shifts and Sergeants and above are expected to tag for three shifts. Cadets are to wear their full uniform including tunic and tie and they are to keep the uniform on for the entirety of their tagging shift.

We will make every effort to team junior cadets with more senior cadets and in no case will a junior cadet be stationed by themselves. We would ask that parents dropping cadets off at locations stay with the cadet until a staff member arrives to deliver the tag box and at the end of the shift, do not take the cadet home until a staff member has collected the box. With traffic, various locations, or if we are waiting for a cadet to arrive at their location, it is sometimes difficult for a staff member to deliver and collect boxes at the exact shift time.

There will be prizes presented to the top fundraisers for this weekend and every cadet will receive 10% of the amount that they raised toward the price of their year-end trip. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Major B. Weigel
Commanding Officer