CO’s Message – October 15 2018

CO’s Message – October 15 2018

Message From The Commanding Officer

Just a short reminder for those that have not noticed, the Squadron is operating at full steam and we have something going on at all times. The calendar is full and new activities are always being added. The season leading up to Christmas will be busy and we are asking for your special support for some of these events.

The Oct 27-28 weekend will be dedicated to Poppy sales to support both Legions in Oshawa. The Legions are instrumental in providing support to Veterans as well as other organizations including our Squadron.  We can never forget our Veterans and their sacrifices and so we believe the Poppy Campaign deserves our support. We will be looking for all cadets to commit to at least one time slot. A list will be posted on Monday evening.

On November 11th will commemorate Remembrance Day and participate in ceremonies at the Cenotaph. The cadets will be required in uniform at the Oshawa Armoury by 10:00 am for form up. After the parade, the Squadron will march back to the Cadet Hall and enjoy a bbq. The band will then continue onto Extendicare where they will perform for the residents.

As a bonus to the cadets, all the above-noted activities qualify for the earning of Community Hours.

While we are on that topic I’d like to remind cadets and parents that a cadet has the opportunity to earn all Community Hours they require for High School. We will not chase the cadets for this nor will we track their points. It is up to the cadet to keep records and acquire signatures when required. Cadets can also not expect to come to us after five years and ask that we sign for everything they have done over those years. They need to take care of it as it occurs.

One last request, we ask cadets to please take care of their own questions and concerns. The cadets have Team and Flight Commanders and we would expect them to contact those folks when they have questions. It’s becoming too easy for parents to send questions to our Facebook or our E-mail. We prefer you allow your cadet to take care of their own business.

Have a good week

Major B. Weigel