Band Instrument Return and Awards Pickup

Band Instrument Return and Awards Pickup

Good day to all cadets, parents, and supporters.

We are planning an instrument return evening for Wednesday, June 17th at 1900 hours at the cadet hall, 254 Centre Street South, Oshawa.

It is our intention to have enough staff to handle the returns without parents or cadets entering the hall. Simply arrive at the front of the building and wait for staff to come to your vehicle and retrieve the instrument and case. For those that wish their deposit returned, this will also be available.

You can also park across the road and meet us at the front door with your returns but please do no come inside. We are not equipped for obvious health concerns.

Please make sure you bring back all pieces of equipment including the case, straps, notes, attachments, etc. It is very important that we account for all our equipment and make arrangements for storage and repairs. Please don’t be that cadet that says….” Oh, I forgot that part”

Those cadets who have been announced as award winners will also be able to pick up their trophies.  We realize there is little fanfare in this procedure, but we want you to have your awards now before some of you go off in the fall.

No need to arrive at 1900hrs. We will be there all evening until at least 2130hrs and so you have a greater opportunity to spread yourselves out and not lose time waiting in line.


Thanks for your understanding and we hope and need to see you all there on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend

Maj Weigel
Commanding Officer