2019 Summer Training Selections – Updated June 1 2019

2019 Summer Training Selections – Updated June 1 2019

Selections for the 2019 Summer Training Courses have been updated as of June 1 2019. Please click on the link below to download the current status of your course applications:

CLICK HERE to download the Summer Training Selection Status Report

Explanation of the Report: 

The report will show if you have been selected, the status of your answer and the course location/dates.

Report Status :

  1. Selected : You have been Selected for a Summer Course
  2. Cancelled : Cancelled by Detachment or our Summer Training Officer (See them for details).
  3. Refused : Cadet doesn’t Qualify for this course
  4. Stand-By : Cadet is on a short list in case of openings for this course
  5. Submitted : Application for this course is registered in the cadet system.

Cadet Answer to an Offer:

  1. AN ANSWER HAS BEEN RECEIVED to your course selection:  (Shows Answer Sent in Status Column)
    1. Yes =  accepted the course offer
    2. No = Declined the course offer
  2. NO ANSWER has been received  (Shows Offer Received in Status Column)
    1. Offer Given to Cadet but Not Returned Back – it MUST be returned it to Mr. Glenn Weigel within 7 days 
    2. Selected but Haven’t Received an Offer Yet – please Mr. Weigel on Monday night.

If you have not received an offer yet – please be patient, as we receive new offers we will contact you.

Any Questions may be directed to Mr. Glenn Weigel – gmweigel@rogers.com or 151rcacs@gmail.com


FYI : We will be having a Departure Briefing on Monday June 10, at the Cadet Hall, 7:30 PM. This is primarily intended for cadets attending a summer course for the first time, however all cadets are welcome. This briefing will cover the following:

  1. Kit List – what to/and what not to pack (plus what you may have to purchase)
  2. Departure Date, Time and Location.
  3. The Morning of Departure
  4. Forms you MUST complete and have with you.
  5.  Arrival at Camp.
  6. General overview of the courses.
  7. Question and Answer session.