2018 Summer Training Update – March 23,

2018 Summer Training Update – March 23,

2018 Summer Training Update

This is the first of many 2018 Summer Training Updates provided by your Summer Training Team.
• Capt. Don Chandler – Chief Summer Training Officer – Local Courses
• Lt Heather Di Loreto – Chief Summer Training Officer – National Courses
• CI Don Biffin – Summer Training Staff
• CI Glenn Weigel – Summer Training Staff
Over the past months we have collected and provide feedback on your Summer Training applications. We now have entered these applications in our cadet system for our Zone Training Officer in Trenton to begin the selection process shortly. No new applications will be accepted past this point.

The selection process should begin in mid to late April for both the National and Local Courses. Selections for the local courses are based on a priority based on the cadets Achievement points, Attendance at mandatory parades (must be a minimum of 75%) plus input from our Officers and Staff. Music Applications are based on your Mandatory attendance plus the instrument played and the need when creating the band for this Intakes course. Staff applications are based on the available positions and the cadet’s skill/experience. There is NO GUARENTEE that a cadet will be selected for a Summer Training Course.

This year there has one major date change from last year’s courses.
1. General Training – 2 weeks held at CFB Trenton – 3rd Intake from August 6 to August 17 (traditionally we have had the 1st intake in July for this course).
2. Three Week Courses – All locations – 1st Intake – from July 9 to July 27
3. Six Week Courses – All Locations – July 9 to August 17.
4. National Courses please see Lt Di Loreto for the exact dates.

Please Note: Cadets usually leave the day before a course starts.

So, stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages for further updates. When the selection process begins one of our Summer Training Officers/Staff will approach you with a course offer. Please remember that receiving an offer for a summer course is a privilege and should be treated as such. We asked that any course offer to be answered in a maximum of 7 days, otherwise we will offer the course to another cadet.

To review your 2018 Summer Training Applications please go to this weblink. https://www.chadburn.org/summer-training/selections Please bring any changes to the Attention of one of our Summer Training Officers.

Any questions can be sent to the squadron e-mail account 151rcacs@gmail.com