2018 Summer Training Departure Briefing – June 18 2018

2018 Summer Training Departure Briefing – June 18 2018

A Summer Training Departure briefing will be held for any cadet attending a summer training course for the first time or any cadet requiring a refresher. 


When: Monday June 18, 2018

Where: Cadet Hall, 254 Centre St. S, Oshawa

Time: 07:30-9:00 PM

Parking: Across the street at the Old Village Union PS

Why: We will review everything you need to know about attending a summer training course. This will include:

  1. Important links to information about the courses.
  2. Communications, how and when.
  3. The cadet training centre’s.
  4. What/What not to Pack.
  5. What you will need to purchase.
  6. Forms you will need to complete and bring on the morning of departure.
  7. The departure morning, what to expect and when you will know the exact dates and times.
  8. Directions/Visiting a cadet on course.
  9. What we expect of each cadet at a camp.

After the session there will be time to ask questions of our Summer Training staff.