Military Staff

Squadron Officers

The officers of 151 Squadron are members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC). The CIC is a sub-component of the Canadian Forces Reserves whose primary duty is the supervision, administration, and training of close to 50,000 sea, army, and air cadets across Canada. CIC Officers come from virtually all walks of civilian life. Some are students, others are doctors, police officers, accountants, construction workers, and ex-Regular Force military. But no matter how diverse their backgrounds, CIC Officers do have one thing in common, their dedication to the development of Canada’s youth. With more than 6000 members, the CIC is the largest officer branch in the Canadian Forces.

Capt Dale Bliss, CD
Commanding Officer
Capt Doug Myles
Administration Officer
Capt Heather Di Loreto
Training Officer
Capt Sarah Mastroianni, CD
Band Officer
2Lt Andrew Leslie
Aviation Training Support