C-7 / C-7A Staff Cadet Uniform


What Do I Wear?

  • Wedge
  • Blue Shirt No Tie
  • Pants and Belt
  • Boots and Wool Socks
  • Name Tag


  1. Rank Slip-ons on shirt, the CF Wool Sweater or CF nylon Raincoat
  2. No Medals or Ribbons
  3. Metals Wings must be worn
  4. CF Wool Sweater may be worn
  5. CF Nylon raincoat may be worn on rainy days
  6. C-7A
    1. Tie worn on Shirt
    2. for ceremonial occasions, at discretion of CSTC CO
    3. should be worn for cultural visits within community
    4. other occasions as ordered

When Do I Wear It?

  • Summer Training at CSTC as a Staff Cadet